10 Health Benefits of cherries – fresh cherries

 10 Health Benefits of cherries – fresh cherries

Benefits of cherries

benefits of fresh cherries

Health Benefits of Cherry is one of the types of the fruit of the genus Plum, belongs to the pink family, and includes many types classified within almond trees, and the most important two types of cherries are sweet cherries, sour cherries.
And contains a number of vitamins, and a small amount of calories, and various metals such as potassium, iron, and the proportion of fiber, and protein, and is taken fresh, or as a grower, and enter into the manufacture of some juices.

Health benefits of eating cherries before bed

Cherry is a delicious and refreshing summer fruit, with a fleshy feel and a bright green or glossy color, rich in healthy nutrients. It belongs to the rose family of peaches, apricots, and almonds. There are two different types of cherries: sweet cherries and plum cherries People mostly prefer sweet red cherries for their tasty taste and for their large size compared to acid type. Cherry grows in different parts of the world, but the United States is the home of this desired fruit with many people.

Cherry contains many nutrients to the body; dark color indicates its richness with many effective antioxidants such as flavoring, beta-carotene, and melanin, which form the body’s protective shield against various diseases. , C, E) and others, and the following is a collection of the most prominent health benefits given by the eating of cherry with two types of body.

are cherries good for you?

10 Health Benefits of cherries

1- heart prevents blockages

It protects the cardiovascular and arterial integrity; it prevents stiffness and prevents blockages, protects against strokes, its ability to prevent fat accumulation, and its effectiveness in reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood that directly causes chronic and serious heart disease.

2- benefits of eating cherries before bed

Fights insomnia and difficulty sleeping during the night; because it contains the hormone that responsible for regulating the sleep process.

3- Relieves arthritic joint pain, muscle

spasms and gout problems for its anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood resulting from increased protein content in the blood.

4- Improves the appearance of the skin

and resists early wrinkles and signs of aging; it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and helps to replenish damaged cells quickly.

5- Helps to lose excess weight

and fight obesity and fat around the abdomen; low-calorie content versus a high proportion of water and fiber that increases the feeling of satiety.

6- Lowers high blood

pressure rich in potassium which helps rid the body of sodium salts.

7- Improves mental cognitive abilities

helps stimulate memory and strengthens the brain, and protects against brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease because it contains anthologists.

8- Cancer control

Studies have shown that red cherries fight cancer; because it contains a large proportion of beta-carotene, and antioxidant compounds because of the red pigment of the rice, thus preventing the growth of cancer cells in the body.

9- To rid the body of toxins

The eating of red cherries and juice cleanses the entire body, and purify of toxins, especially the liver, and kidneys.

10- Mitigating Headache Pain

It is by placing compresses of cherries on the forehead.

Additionally, there are a lot of benefits like Strengthening the immune system: Cherries contain large amounts of melanin, which fortifies the immune system and strengthens its defense against infection of diseases and bacteria.

Treatment of some of the problems that affect the body: These problems: stomach weakness, liver problems, cough, cough, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, gout, muscle pain.

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