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why is Greek yogurt good for health

Greek yogurt has more health benefits than normal yogurt, as it provides health benefits such as protein, with less sugar and carbohydrates than normal yogurt, and is a major source of calcium and potassium.

5 health benefits of Greek yogurt

This milk has sweet and salty qualities, due to the consistency of the thickness and smoothness of its composition, and can be used as a healthy alternative to sour cream.

1- Source of calcium

Calcium helps to build bones and teeth in a healthy manner as it maintains the functions of the heart and nerves, so it is recommended to eat this milk to contain the large on this element.

2- Source of protein

Eating one cup of Greek milk achieves as much protein as meat intake. Nutrition experts say that Cuba or 8 ounces of Greek milk provides more than 3 grams of protein or chicken, as well as a nutritious and essential nutrient in building and maintaining special muscle mass Everyone.

3- Good for intestines

Greek yogurt improves the health of the digestive system and maintains healthy bacteria in the intestines as well as its ability to enhance the body’s immune system.

4- Weight Loss

Eating Greek yogurt helps to lose about 81 percent of abdominal fat compared with other types of milk.

Greek milk contains twice the amount of protein compared to traditional milk. Protein takes longer to digest in the body, this is especially important to help curb appetite between regular meals when trying to lose weight. When you feel hungry, eating protein is a smart way to curb appetite.

5- Carbohydrates

Greek yogurt is a smart choice for people with low-carb diets. It contains about half the amount of carbohydrates contained in the normal – the Greek contains in the ration about 5 to 8 grams of carbohydrates, while the normal in the ration about 13 to 17 grams.
advise for using a greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is very versatile and can be mixed and mixed with different foods and consumed in many different ways.

Greek yogurt gives a fat, tasty texture and a wonderful flavor, and when consumed by itself it can help curb cravings to eat sugars and sweets.
Fruits, cereals, and yogurt can also be added to Greek during breakfast.

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