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Exercise During Pregnancy

Why do doctors recommend exercise during pregnancy?Exercise during pregnancy has many benefits; it increases the strength of your muscles and your ability to endure. If you are used to maintaining your fitness, you may feel comfortable adjusting to pregnancy compared to those who do not have good fitness.

5 best exercise for pregnant women

The following sports are safe for pregnant women and are recommended by health professionals. However, some may not work for you during the last few months of pregnancy. To keep you safe, consult your doctor before starting any of them.

1- Walking for pregnancy

Walking keeps you fit without hurting your knees or ankles. If you are walking fast, you are practicing your heart. Walking is a safe sport throughout your pregnancy and you can practice it every day.

2- Swimming for pregnancy

Swimming is one of the best and safest exercises you can do during pregnancy. They train a wide range of muscles (arms and legs) and benefit your heart and lungs. The larger the size of your belly from pregnancy, the more you enjoy the sense of lightness and weightlessness in the water.

If you prefer group activities, join a water sports class. Exercise in the water does not hurt the joints and supports your abdomen. It also helps to relieve swelling of the feet, which is a common symptom in the final stage of pregnancy.

3- Yoga and stretching exercises for pregnancy

Yoga and flexibility exercises help maintain muscle strength and strength and keep your body with very mild pressure on joints as opposed to another intense exercise. But add to the yoga system you practice a few minutes of walking several times a week for a heart workout. The walk will complement the stretching exercises you practice in yoga sessions.

Stretching exercises help increase your latex, which will be easier because your lung will increase with the hormone relaxing. Relaxing makes strong tissues that connect your bones (ligaments) more flexible. However, do not exercise at length or do not exercise at your flexibility. Think of stretching your body instead of putting pressure on yourself. The yoga teacher will show you how to relax your body and mind.

4- Pilates exercises for pregnancy

Fitness exercises for the entire body, which you can exercise during the second trimester, help to increase body flexibility and strengthen the pelvis, and reduce back pain and muscle.

5- Push the wall exercise during pregnancy

exercises can improve the strength of your body, stimulate your muscles and prepare you for delivery. Start with a push-to-wall workout that works on the front chest muscle and triceps muscles behind the top of your arm.

Stop facing the wall. Then stand to the wall with your hands. Keep your knees flat and apart. Place your hands on the wall at the level of your shoulders and two inches apart from the width of your shoulders. Bend the elbow joint and lower your chest until your chin reaches the wall. Remember to keep your back level. Then return to the starting position. Repeat it gradually up to 15 times.

tips for pregnant women

In the first three months, the pregnant woman must rest for a half-hour walk every two days, provided that the doctor allows her to do so.
If you exercise before your pregnancy, you can follow with less intensity, otherwise, you can swim or walk lightly after consulting your doctor.

Swimming is very important for pregnant women, provided there are no complications in pregnancy. They are very important for joints and blood circulation and help the fetus to take the right position.
regnant women should not practice stomach exercises from the fourth month and can be replaced by gentle movements to maintain muscle strength so as not to relax.
Drink plenty of water during and after exercise.

In pregnancy, you should work to strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, hands, legs and lower back that carries extra weight during pregnancy to avoid aches and problems.

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