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sure, a dream of any women to get beautiful skin, glow skin without makeup. It is worth your while to switch your diet and eat foods that are good for your skin

The secret of beautiful and sparkling skin is to eat foods that stimulate natural shine, there are already good foods for your skin. These foods are a magical and immediate treatment of the skin to make it sparkling free of stains and blemishes.

healthy food is a key to maintaining the health and integrity of your body and skin because beauty always comes from the depths, remember that the key foods that are good for your skin.

Foods Good For Your Skin: Eating For Beauty

Obtain a fresh and pure skin that is not limited to external skincare and the use of care products such as detergents, moisturizing creams, and others, but also to pay attention to internal health and follow a healthy diet. The foods you eat have a big impact on your skin’s health these are 9 foods that are good for your skin.

1- eggs Good For Your Skin

Rich in protein and good fats, it is also an excellent natural source of selenium. If you suffer from cholesterol, you can eat egg white only, it does not contain cholesterol and eggs are one of the foods that are good for your skin and all studies confirm that eating one egg a day reduces your grain and makes your skin glowing

2- tomatoes For Your Skin

Tomatoes are very useful as an essential part of the salad when they are raw, but they are more useful for the skin when cooked.

tomato contains lycopene, which is responsible for the red color of tomatoes. It helps to resist the signs of aging caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, as well as its benefits to contain the minerals needed for the body and vitamins.

3- Kiwi Good For Your Skin

A sweet treat helps to resist wrinkles. This delicious green fruit is rich in vitamin C more than oranges, which means smoother and younger skin. Kiwi is good food for your skin.

4- AvocadoGood For Your Skin

It is very important to eat avocados because it is good for your skin where

Doctors recommend eating a piece of avocado each day, either alone or in a salad dish, or into any kind of food or other fruit. Avocado provides the skin with healthy fats and nutrients necessary to moisten the skin from the inside and give it more shine.

Avocados also help prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples and purify the skin, and also contains beneficial antioxidants that act as the anti-inflammatory.

5- olive oil Good For Your Skin

Olive oil must be consumed in your diet. It helps nourish the skin.

olive oil Rich in vitamin E, which many studies have shown to have an anti-aging effect with vitamin C. Try to use olive oil always in your food instead of corn oil or margarine is lighter and more useful.

6- Salmon |One of the best foods That Help Fight Pain

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important to the body. In fact, omega-3 fatty acids improve the functions of various cells in the body, including skin cells. Healthy fats help to produce flexors and collagen, which helps keep your skin fresh and young. If you do not want to grow quickly and keep your skin healthy, you should eat salmon

7- Green tea Good For Your Skin

green tea gives you a more nutritious and more vibrant skin. It contains a good percentage of vitamin C which helps in stopping the process of melamine, which has a role in giving the skin a dark color. Take a cup of green tea every day before sleeping because it will make you sleep quietly and will help you get a bright, skin in the morning, so green tea Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

8- pomegranate For Your Skin

Pomegranate is characterized by high levels of antioxidants, which fight free radicals and inflammation, regulates the flow of blood to the skin, can be taken by mixing pomegranate seeds with watercress

9- Nuts Good For Your Skin

Nuts are an excellent source of protein and rich in vitamin E, easy to carry wherever you go. It helps to protect your skin and strengthen cells and protect them from harmful sun rays Never give up having nuts with you wherever you are It is good food for your skin

Foods Good For Your Skin: what to eat for good skin

Foods you should Apply Directly on Your Skin- Orange Peel
The peel of an orange contains known antioxidants that all studies say that when are you applying orange peel directly to the skin may treat some inflammation so why not try it?

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