7 bad habits lead to weight gain

 7 bad habits lead to weight gain

bad habits

7 bad habits lead to weight gain Beware


You will not be surprised to increase your weight when you eat higher calories or exercise less but you will be surprised when you find an increase in weight and you did not change your lifestyle and the same calories and the same effort if you are surprised, we invite you to follow the article to find out why weight gain

The dream of fitness and the ideal body lurks many special women, but achieving it is sometimes very difficult, because of some erratic night eating habits that many do.

Bad eating habits certainly lead to weight gain, as many people around the world tend to lose weight for good health and a slim body.

The website “WebMD” displayed a number of wrong habits that some people follow and lead to weight gain

Causes of weight gain Reasons not to expect

7 bad habits lead to weight gain

1. Eating in front of the television makes

Eating in front of the television makes the food at your fingertips constantly, not to pay attention to the amount of food, but the focus is to watch.

2. Sleeping too few hours

Sleeping too few hours, and long periods of sleep make you feel hungry even if your stomach is full because sleep loss affects the secretion of the hormone cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite.

Studies have also shown that insomnia increases the storage of fat in the body.

There are two problems with sleep and weight gain: When you are late for a late period, it is natural to starve and eat snacks, which means more calories. Deprivation of sleep leads to hormonal changes that increase your sense of hunger and increase your appetite when you eat and do not feel full.

3. habits Hunger at shopping

Hunger at shopping Especially when you see many kinds of food, experts recommend eating anything healthy before you go shopping, such as a sandwich or grilled chicken breast, to avoid feeling hungry and buying unhealthy and high-fat meals.

4. habits Drink lots of alcohol

Drink lots of alcohol, wine, and soft drinks, all of which contain many calories that increase body fat levels.

and ( water)Drink plenty of water Water is the best friend of the penitent, where it works to feel full, especially before meals, and it must be clarified

that there may be an overlap between the feeling of hunger

and thirst in the brain, you may feel hungry but you actually need to eat a glass of water, That the water helps to purify the body and rid of toxins, and thus helps you get rid of excess weight

5. Breakfast is the biggest mistake everyone has

Breakfast is the biggest mistake everyone has. After a night your body needs fuel to run the body and not store fat and carbohydrates for later use, the best breakfast options (whole grains with fresh fruit).

6. fat-free and calorie-free

Combining “fat-free” and “calorie-free” sentences A person should read labels well on commodities because calories are responsible for gaining weight in any quantity.

7. habits Eat very quickly

Eat very quickly whether it is a snack or a full meal, also Coffee Although caffeine is a way to help weight loss, eating large amounts of coffee a day can be full of calories. Eating coffee with milk increases the number of calories to 300.

If you eat mocha, this raises the number of calories to 600! The solution: Drink coffee without
additives and in reasonable quantities daily.
strange reason

there is a lot of strange reason may all people didn’t know about it One of the strange factors that lead to weight gain is a defect in the thyroid gland of humans because the gland that runs several functions in the human body is also linked to human metabolism.

If the weight of the person is increased by the weakness of thyroid activity, he will not lose weight no matter how his diet and no effort in the exercise.

The second and odd reason to gain weight is not to drink enough water.

A study at the University of Utah shows that drinking two cups of water before each meal helps to lose weight.

The water’s role does not stop at giving us energy, it makes us feel full, In the case of thirst, more and more people go to over-eating.

Taking antidepressants is an “unjustifiable” increase in weight, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietary Sciences, 25 percent of those who take the disease drugs gain extra weight.

And the fourth reason for the strange weight gain; the reluctance of some people to measure their weight, thinking that they avoid the trauma themselves, so that keeps them in their bad habits and grease, without changing the reality of something to move away from the balance.


  • If your weight gain appears to be from an increased appetite, your health care provider may recommend that you see a registered dietician who can help you with a diet plan that is tailored to your situation.

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