8 Benefits of bone broth make it your first dish in the winter

 8 Benefits of bone broth make it your first dish in the winter

bone broth


The benefits of bone broth soup did not make or offer our mothers and grandmothers anything without benefit, that dish of bone broth is not just a regular dish, Or is not important but has great health benefits may not notify anyone.

The bone broth is food that dates back to ancient times and has been used by various traditional cultures since ancient times But he recently regained his luster and fame. It is inexpensive and is a source of many food items.

The top 8 benefits of  bone broth

Bone broth is one of the greatest food choices that contain valuable amino acids, such as collagen, gelatin, and minerals. There is a huge amount of food in bone broth, and most of them are not easily obtained from the foods eaten. This is why the benefits of the amazing bone broth are so great

The bone broth is prepared in a simple and very easy way from boiling bones (lamb, beef, chicken and even fish) into the water with an acidic substance such as vinegar

Seasoning as desired, vegetables and herbs. The duration of boiling this mixture varies according to each environment, it extends from 4 hours to 48 hours. We will offer many reasons why we regularly take the bone broth

1- Protecting the health of joints

Bone broth is the best source of natural collagen. Protein found in many animals (bone, skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone broth). As we age, our cartilage weakens, becomes less flexible, and may rupture. Over time, the proportion of cartilage decreases and is controlled by antibodies (degradation of bone cartilage associated with aging).

When the bone broth soup is slowly boiled, a breakdown of the collagen material occurs and flows from the bones and other parts of the chicken or sheep that are boiled in the broth. And thus become rapidly absorbable. And help restore cartilage, and compensate for damaged ones.

For those who exercise, bone broth is a staple food. In a study by the Department of Nutrition and Athletic Nutrition of Athletics, Pennsylvania State University. Found that eating 24-week-old collagen-rich bone broth showed significant improvement in their joints. With low factors that negatively affect their exercise performance.

2- Helps in weight loss

Despite the many ingredients in the bone broth soup, it contains a little fat and calories, which makes it an ideal addition to a healthy diet, especially if you are planning to lose weight, it is saturated and satisfactory to a large extent. Amino acids and glutamine help improve metabolism, increasing your energy levels.

Assistant to the “Diet” If you have a diet that helps you lose weight, and you do not eat meat, bone broth has all the essential nutrients like amino acids.

3-Improve digestion health

The gelatin in the bone broth helps to strengthen the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. And to combat food allergies, including wheat allergies or milk allergies. It also helps to promote the growth of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in the digestive system. And to combat various inflammatory conditions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Bone broth is easily digested. And the absorption of food in them. As opposed to many other foods that are difficult to fully analyze, or absorb all of their nutritional values.

Studies have shown that individuals with gastrointestinal disorders have a low concentration of collagen. Because the amino acids found in the collagen works to build tissues that lining the colon and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Which enhances the digestive system.

4- Maintain healthy skin

Helps fight where cellulite also Collagen helps to form elastin fibers and other compounds that give flexibility and smoothness to the skin. It looks healthy, fresh, energetic and young. The importance of collagen is also in combating the manifestations of aging, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. As well as reduce swelling under the eye and other skin problems caused by aging.

On the other hand, getting enough collagen helps to eliminate cellulite. Cellulite is formed due to the lack of connective tissue. Allowing the skin to lose its tightness. Studies on the effect of collagen on the skin have shown that when a woman aged 33-55 years, 2.5-5g of collagen is taken daily for 8 weeks. This has increased skin elasticity and moisture.

6- Give you a better sleep

Studies have shown that glycerin, a component of collagen, helps to strengthen memory and helps improve the sleep process, so get a cup of hot bone soup, then enter into a quiet and deep sleep.
Bone broth helps to treat insomnia, Recent studies have shown that glycine, found in bone broth, helps treat insomnia and improve sleep.

7- Strengthen the body’s immunity

One of the most important effects of bone broth is its effectiveness in supporting the internal immune system.

8- Strengthens bones and teeth

The consumption of bone broth permanently helps to improve oral health significantly for those who suffer from continuous inflammation of the gums, one thing that happens, in this case, is that harmful bacteria causing diseases weaken the ligaments that bind the tooth to the bones of the jaw, causing the loss of teeth in advanced cases of the disease
Because the bone broth contains collagen, ligaments are strengthened, as well as because they contain the important minerals of calcium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur. The mineral content of the saliva increases, helping to prevent cavities and maintain healthy and strong teeth.

The bone broth and its amazing benefits

The nutritional value found in bone broth:

Contains more than 19 amino acid of basic amino acids, non-essential (props build proteins).
Foods that support digestion, immunity and brain health from food chemicals and a high percentage of minerals. Also considered low-calorie.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin Sulfate, which supports the health of the heart, bones, skin and good cholesterol levels.
Minerals and Chlorides: Including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

Gelatine: Helps relieve allergic reactions including gluten intolerance (Celiac disease) or milk allergies. In addition to the probiotic balance.

Collagen: Protects the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and helps in the healing of irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

How to make and prepare bone broth at home

There are some basics to keep in mind for good bone broth

– You can prepare bone broth only from animal ingredients. But in chicken soup, when these ingredients are mixed with vegetables, a synergistic effect occurs. Giving greater health benefits.

– For good quality of bone broth, it is recommended to choose parts of the animal body where there is usually no meat, such as neck or foot. It is also recommended to choose the bones of animals free of antibiotics and hormones! Add a little apple vinegar, helping to dissolve the minerals from the bones.

How long does it take to cook animal bones?

To get the benefits of bone broth, chicken bones should be cooked on a slow cooker for 8 to 24 hours, while animal bones such as cows take 12 to 48 hours longer. Whatever recipe you choose, two tablespoons of vinegar Apples or lemon juice on the broth because their two acids help to draw more benefits from the bones.

Is Bone Broth Actually Good for You?

of course yes Rich in nutritional ingredients and it is a Source of many nutrients

– bone broth is a source of many nutrients and the task that comes in the form of digestible because of its structure of fatty acids
And the high content of the gelatin, which makes it soothing and treatment of the digestive system, and also improves the absorption of the body components of food from other foods.

– bone broth is a powerful treatment for the disease, but recent research has begun to realize its role in the health of the immune system because of its high content of collagen and gelatin, which support the process and health of digestion, and the fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation.

Reasons You Should Be Drinking Bone Broth Every Day

– Bone broth  provides the body with fatty acids

Required by the production of collagen. Which maintains skin smoothness and reduces wrinkles.

A study of gelatin in bone broth also helps to strengthen hair and nails and accelerate their growth. Bone broth is also an excellent source of several essential fatty acids that are difficult to obtain from the diet alone.

– Support the health of the joints, skin, hair, and nails

Collagen contains collagen that supports the health of hair, skin, nails, and contains  Sulfate (an important material in the formation of cartilage, and gives it compression resistance) and other compounds that support the health of joints.

-Helps in the formation and repair of  your bones because the bone broth soup is rich in nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, all of which works to strengthen bones in general

– It helps to calm the body. The soup contains glycine and amino acids that have a calming effect on the body and promote and improve sleep at night.
Soups are also better than dietary supplements for vitamins and minerals.

-The soup helps protect the skin from health problems due to collagen and gelatin and promotes hair growth.

– Bone broth is important in resisting aging When collagen is mentioned, it should be followed by the young appearance of nails and hair. Therefore, bone soup is called better than Botox. This is because collagen is easy to digest and is beneficial to the body immediately. It also helps to solve many skin problems, including In it the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks, the enhancement of skin cells.


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