benefits of walking in the sun|

benefits of walking

benefits of walking

The body needs from time to time, to get rid of toxins, and face oxidation, toxins enter the body through food and drink, the unhealthy substances contained by some foods high-speed and high-calorie and fat, as well as containing excess salt, and processed materials and industrial flavors and spices, Are all caused by the toxicity of the body, and over time it becomes susceptible to incurable diseases.

That these toxins help to oxidize the body’s natural cells, and this continuous oxidation without cleaning, promotes the crawling of cancer cells, in addition to the aging of aging and diseases. A group of physical and nutritional tips that help to cleanse the body, the most important being exposure

There is no doubt that the benefits of walking in the sun are much greater than walking at night; because the sun gives the body plenty of energy and vitality throughout the day, as well as many other benefits that we will mention during this article.

Walking in the sun purifies the body of toxins

1- Enhance the immune system’s strength Sun rays produce vitamin D in the body, a vital and essential vitamin to support the proper functioning of cells that contribute to immune defenses that protect the body from bacteria and viruses.

2-Eyesight is a common cause of blindness in adults, according to a study published in the journal The American Journal of Neurology. “Exposure to the sun prevents inflammation, improves visual function, and prevents the appearance of muscular degeneration.

3-Improves the quality of sleep Improves walking under the sun from the quality of sleep, and prevents problems such as insomnia; Because sunlight stimulates the production of melanin produced by the gland, which helps to sleep better at night, in addition to the sun regulate the biological clock of the body through the organization Biochemical, physiological, and behavioral processes that control the human sleep cycle.

4- Reduces cancer risk Keeping walking and exposure to sunlight resistant to cancer, studies have shown that the low vitamin D content in the body increases the risk of cancer.

5- walking for weight loss Walking and sun exposure helps maintain a normal and healthy weight by accelerating metabolism.

6- Bone fortification Research has shown that vitamin D, which stimulates the sun’s rays to produce in the body, increases calcium absorption in food, helping to prevent bone diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis.

finally, Keep walking is the oldest and best sport in all sports, Walking stimulates blood circulation in the body, which helps strengthen the bones and maintain the balance of the body.

Walking fights flu, colds, and colds. People who are used to walking for 30 minutes a day are less likely to get colds.

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