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easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to start your day

Recipes and tips for Healthy Breakfast IdeasBanana Cake Sandwich, mash the ripe banana and serve between two halves of toast (preferably made of whole wheat).The banana is crushed instead of sliced, meaning it will not need any additives.Oats all night, mix oats and apple juice and mix overnight in the refrigerator, and in the morning, […]


Can Dogs Eat Cheese?​ Is Cheese Good for

  I always wonder if dogs can eat cheese. Is cheese good for dogs? Does cheese have any benefits? All these questions are always in my mind. So I decided to write down everything you knew about the relationship between dogs and cheese.sure dogs can eat cheese. and cheese good for dogs  Truth be told, […]


foods that gain weight: Foods That Make You

You will find many tips and articles aimed at weight loss, but if you are very thin, you may be looking for ways to gain weight I am trying to help you to find here the foods that gain weight and Foods That Make You Fat Many people suffer from the problem of thinness and […]


pasta salad |Easy Pasta Salad Recipes|amaze

Easy pasta salad Pasta salad is one of the most popular food ingredients for all, children or adults. Many are prepared to prepare a lot of recipes, whether with chicken, meat, fish, or even vegetables. Cheese is one of the most common ingredients in pasta. We rarely find a recipe containing spaghetti and there are […]


food against cancer -food fighting cancer

food against cancer food fights cancer meals increase ” cancer” effects of ” alcohol” on people advice to avoid the risk of cancer An against disease eating routine is an imperative system you can use to lessen your danger of tumors. The American Cancer Society prescribes, for instance, that you eat no less than five […]


Italian Meatballs With Golden Raisins good Recipe

  Italian Meatballs With Golden Raisins I work in Italian restaurants for 15 years. How to make meatballs Pasta with Alfredo sauce and Italian dishes of all kinds It was better than ever for me from these Italian recipes. Italian meatballs I would like to share this wonderful recipe for all Italian meat lovers Make […]


The 10 best foods to increase your happiness

10 foods that give you happiness Each wife can prepare an intense meal of happy ingredients to get her family out from a state of tension, that our erroneous diet increases our risk of depression The tension, the way food is determined, and scientific studies have confirmed that there is Materials produced by the body […]


benefits of chocolate milk- amazed

the benefits of chocolate milk Chocolate is a standout amongst the most famous and adored sweet treats far and wide. It’s cherished in a wide range of shapes and sizes – bars, treat, spreadable chocolate, chocolate syrup… and so on. Everything that is made from chocolate leaves a large portion of us needing more. Be […]


pizza breakfast – best pizza taste

pizza the best taste Pizza is a standout amongst the most prevalent sustenances on the planet and regular fast food thing in Europe and North America. Numerous free of chain eateries, bistros, and fast food outlets offer pizza. Eateries or chains represent considerable authority in pizza are pizzerias. Pizza conveyance is normal in a few […]


top healthy food – healthy eating pyramid

healthy eating improve your mod |top healthy food A healthful diet: How can we make the change in our life? Healthful eating means consuming nutrient-dense foods in the right quantities from all the food groups. Contents of this article: the healthful eating six tips for healthful eating constitutes a healthy diet healthy eating improve your […]