dogs and chocolate: is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

 dogs and chocolate: is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Who can imagine that the chocolate that many of us love is poisonous to dogs, and can be fatal if the dog is small in size or happens to eat a large amount of it?

If you have a nice dog you will always wonder about is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?  some things including Can your dog die from eating chocolate? , In fact, the answer to this question is yes, the dog can die from eating chocolate, but there are many factors that must Take it into consideration, simply let’s know what is a relation between dogs and chocolate.

dogs and chocolate: Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Chocolate contains a chemical compound called theobromine. While human bodies are able to treat theobromine in the same way as caffeine, dog bodies cannot handle theobromine, so if dogs eat even a small amount of chocolate, they will suffer less than 12 hours of multiple symptomatic symptoms,  of high fever, diarrhea, increased breathing speed, vomiting, seizures, and increased nervous heartbeat, so  Chocolate  Bad for Dogs

When is chocolate deadly?

Theobromine ratios in chocolate vary by type. Milk chocolate contains 0.02% theobromine, while dark chocolate contains 1.4% theobromine.
If we assume that we have a 20 kg dog, it will be fatal if you eat 2.7 kg of chocolate with milk, or if you eat 450 grams of dark chocolate.

What are the symptoms of dogs poisoning from chocolate?

Dogs with chocolate poisoning have some symptoms



The temperature of the dog’s body is unusually high.

Rapid breathing.

Increased heart rate.

Reduction of Blood pressure.

The occurrence of seizures from time to time.

Advanced signs of injury (heart failure, weakness)

There are three types of chocolate that we should know as follows

1 – milk chocolate

Milk chocolate can cause mild toxicity to the dog when consumed by 20 grams per kilogram of a body.

This means that if the dog weighs 10 kg, for example, 400 grams of milk chocolate may show symptoms of light poisoning. You may think that this amount is large and unreasonable, but what about dogs weighing a kilogram or slightly more?

If a 2-kilogram dog takes a piece of milk chocolate weighing 80 grams, he can show symptoms of poisoning. The greater the amount of chocolate the greater the likelihood of poisoning and the emergence of symptoms stronger

2- A semi-sweet chocolate

In this type of chocolate, the dog needs less for the symptoms of poisoning, since the concentration of cocoa and caffeine is higher than that of milk chocolate.

Signs of mild dog poisoning from semi-sweet chocolate are shown if the dog has 17 grams per kilogram of body weight, but severe toxicity occurs if the dog has 40 grams per kilogram of body weight.

3- Chocolate Baked

This type of chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine with a higher concentration than other species so Chocolate Bad for Dogs

The higher the concentration of caffeine and cocoa in chocolate the more toxic it is to dogs.

In this kind of baked chocolate, a piece of chocolate weighing 30 grams is able to show the symptoms of severe poisoning on a dog weighing 10 kg. So it is a quick killer for your dog and be very careful to be in your home without censorship

dogs and chocolate: why chocolate deadly for dogs?

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which has a lot of calories. If eaten by the dog can cause symptoms of vomiting or dryness, or abdominal pain, intense emotions, irregular heartbeat, and high body temperature may reach death.

Dogs have a strong sense of smell that smells very well, so it’s easy for them to find a piece of chocolate hidden inside the wardrobe or inside a drawer in your room or anywhere in the house.

how you can save your dog? cure him

If your dog has signs of theobromine poisoning, you should take him to the veterinarian without delay. If the veterinarian can not be reached for any reason, the dog may be given a hydrogen peroxide drink to induce it to vomit.

your dog has eaten chocolate and found that he has some symptoms listed, you should call your veterinarian immediately and you should also try to force the dog to vomit. I


– Be sure to make chocolate out of reach of the dog to protect against poisoning.

– Put the chocolate in a drawer with a key, do not be too lazy to leave the rest of the chocolates on the table or on your desk. Dogs have a very strong sniff and can reach chocolate anywhere.

You should contact your doctor whatever amount of chocolate you eat because the response of dog bodies can vary.

Finally, Can Your Dog Die From Eating Chocolate? , Yes it can, Chocolate Bad for Dogs, but that does not mean that the situation may get very bad. With quick action and careful observation, your dog can survive and become well.

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