Exercises for Brain: How They Help your Mind

 Exercises for Brain: How They Help your Mind


As there are many exercises that promote muscle strength, protect the body from disease and promote the health of the immune system, there are also exercises for the brain to improve brain health, brain regeneration and nerve stimulation, and it develops intelligence and abilities.

exercise for Brain that makes your brain work better

A person can do some exercises to strengthen the mind and its functions. The more flexible the person is, the more his mind will be able to remember and to think properly.

Try Using Your Non-Dominant Hand

Is an interesting brain exercise suggested by a neurologist because it helps keep your brain alive and helps prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness by using your non-controlling hand to strengthen your mind? Because using your opposite hand can be very difficult so it is a great way to increase brain activity.


Meditation is a brain exercise that has been used for thousands of years at all times and in many countries but has recently gained considerable recognition for its effectiveness and importance in improving the mind

It may be a brain exercise that you may never have thought is of great importance as researchers are talking about the many benefits of meditation.

Mind meditation helps to involve new pathways, leading to improved self-observation skills

It also increases mental flexibility. And improve attention, concentration and empathy Studies also suggest that meditation may increase the capacity of working memory.

Are you willing to try this brain exercise? Today you can exercise mind meditation

Use the toothbrush in the other hand

By turning the use of the toothbrush while cleaning the teeth to the left hand in the case of the person on the right hand to do the work, and vice versa, as this stimulates and activates the work of the passive side of the brain, which remains without use most of the time as a result of the focus on the use of the person A certain aspect of the body is the most powerful side of the muscle, and also helps to increase the area of the brain cortex and raise its ability to collect information.


All studies confirm that socially active people are also less at risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Many social activities also include physical elements, such as exercise, that benefit you physically and mentally.

If you are an introspective person, try looking for social interactions because it is beneficial to your brain in the short and long term. Look for opportunities to volunteer in your community, join the club, join a local walking group, and try to be in close contact with your friends and family.

Bathing exercise with eyes closed

This exercise helps to develop a sense of touch, the ability to recognize and control objects without seeing them, in addition to stimulating the nerves between the brain and hands, and increase the rate of exchange of information between each, through dressing and start bathing with the closure of the eyes, Water and determine the degree of cold water or heated with the survival of the eyes are closed, and then begin to rub the body with the recognition of different areas of the body once sensed.

What are the best exercises for the brain?

Your mind is like your body needs training. By starting to practice your mind following the optimal brain training program, you can help your cognitive skills to train and ensure a healthy stay for your brain and mind.

Test your mind and Make a list

make a list of groceries, things to do, or anything else that comes to your mind – and save it. After an hour or more, you can see how many items you can remember. Make items on the list very challenging for you

let the music play

You can learn to play a musical instrument or join a chorus. Studies suggest that learning something new and complex is ideal for the advanced mind.

Prepare for cooking

Learn how to cook new foods. Because cooking uses a number of senses such as smell, touch, sight, and taste, which are influenced by different parts of Your brain.

Learn a foreign language

The experience of learning a new language and listening involves stimulating the brain dramatically. What’s more, rich vocabulary is also being linked to low risk of cognitive regression.

Create images for a particular word

Imagine spelling a word in your head, then try to think of any other words that begin (or end) with the same letters.

Draw a Map of Your Town from Memory

Try challenging the brain by drawing a map of your city or area of memory. Try to remember the main streets, main side streets, and local landmarks.

Once you’ve done that, compare your memory map to the real map of the area and do not be surprised by some of the things you missed if you found this activity too easy. Try another area to improve memory, such as a map of the United States or Europe. country.

Forcing yourself to remember your neighborhood planning in addition to drawing and naming helps to stimulate different parts of the brain regions and provides the greatest benefit to your brain.

Test your eye abilities

Use a new hobby involving precise motor skills, such as knitting and drawing all the puzzles

Learn a new sport. Learn Something New

You can start today and not tomorrow to do an exercise that uses both mind and body, such as yoga, tennis or golf

Exercise for Brain: exercises for Mental Strength

The brain can weaken and dissolve completely like other parts of the body and its muscles in the case of not being used adequately and continuously, as the nerves that make up the brain weaken and begin to die but exercises of the mind helps prevent this and increase the ability of the body To build new nerves and new electrical networks in the brain increase and strengthen its capabilities, and these exercises:

– Wordcapes – This modern word game combines help you in searching for a word and crossword words for challenging hard brain fun. It works to stimulate your mind and start searching for a word with more than 5000 puzzles.


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