How to get rid of bad breath by natural ways

 How to get rid of bad breath by natural ways

Bad breath can cause a lot of embarrassment when talking to others. Some people try to get rid of this bad smell, and now you know how to get rid of bad breath by natural ways. Yes, you can get rid of bad breath in your home and in natural ways that cost you nothing

Bad breath causes various social problems, including loss of self-confidence and marital problems. If you want to get rid of bad breath, follow the ways and tips

How to get rid of bad breath permanently

Always keep your mouth and teeth clean and eat good food. There are different ways to get rid of bad breath
1- parsley
Daily use of parsley juice is useful in helping to get rid of bad breath, and it is also possible to chew a little parsley leaf, which contains chlorophyll, which helps to get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.

2- Cleaning the tongue

There are special instruments to clean the back of the tongue called tongue scraper; a plastic tool can be purchased from the pharmacy, where the tongue is scraped from back to front gently to remove any bacteria found on it

3- Drinking water

Drink plenty of water to get rid of and protect against the bad smell that affects the mouth, and this is because it helps to maintain the moisture of the mouth, which helps protect from bacteria that cause bad breath, and also works to protect the mouth from dehydration.

4-Bicarbonate Soda

It really helps get rid of bad breath is Bicarbonate Sodaor baking soda and this by putting a few of them on the toothbrush and use it by rubbing the teeth and tongue, which works to maintain the acid balance of the mouth and get rid of the bacteria that cause bad breath

5- Vinegar to get rid of bad breath

to get rid of bad breath should use of vinegar in gargle daily works to get rid of the bad smell that affects the mouth, and this by reducing the vinegar in half a glass of water, and gargling it daily before breakfast and before sleep, which works to protect the mouth from this smell
6- Green tea
Did you know that drinking green tea boiled daily keeps the mouth from the bad smell, and it also works to kill the bacteria that exist in the mouth and this because it contains polyvinyl phenol, which destroys bacteria permanently

7- Cleaning the dentures

It is cleaned by a toothbrush that is allocated to clean the dentures, and use disc cleaning dentures or cream for cleaning, and advised to avoid the use of toothpaste because of the scratches on the surface of the kit; Cleaning Prevent the formation of plaque that causes the emergence of bad breath, and advised not to wear dentures at night; to give the gums a chance to rest
8- Yogurt
to get rid of bad breath eating more yogurt because The consumption of yogurt increases the presence of bacteria in the mouth and improves its health, so we recommend to eat milk yogurt recorded from goat’s milk because of digestion easy

9- Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are known to be antimicrobial and help kill bacteria that cause foul mouths smell. to get rid of bad breath use Fennel seeds are very effective in solving digestive problems which are the main cause of bad breath when some people. Eat a teaspoon of fennel seeds after eating foods that contain strong odors that may cause a bad smell. The smell of fennel seeds overcomes the smell of food, and chewing fennel seeds improves saliva production and reduces the bad smell of the mouth. To achieve the best results, use fennel seeds mixed with spices such as cloves, and cinnamon this treatment regularly after meals to prevent the problem of bad breath.
10- Mint

A wonderful aromatic leafy vegetable is peppermint, which contributes to the elimination of bad breath by boiling green mint leaves in the water and drinking mint twice a day, it makes the smell of mouth beautiful and saves you from the bacteria that infect the mouth.

Tips to get rid of the bad breath permanently

– reduce sugars

Eating too many sugars causes bad breath, and you should reduce these sugars and take care to wash your teeth after taking them to avoid the bad smell and prevent tooth decay.

– Eat vegetables

to get rid of bad breath It is important to eat natural vegetables and fruits that contain fiber, which works to clean the digestive system, and thus work to get rid of toxins that cause bad breath.

– Avoid dry mouth by taking large amounts of water and chewing sugar-free chewing gum to stimulate saliva production. It is also important to keep away from tobacco, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks that make your mouth drier.

– Non-sugar chewing gum: Chewing sugar-free gum stimulates the salivary glands to produce saliva. Gum refreshes the smell of the mouth, cleans teeth, gums, and tongue.

-get rid of bad breath you must changing the toothbrush Preserving the health and cleanliness of the mouth and teeth: which include changing the toothbrush periodically and regularly, in addition to cleaning between the teeth, it must be aware that the washing of the teeth alone does not clean more than 60% of the surfaces of teeth, and advised to use a toothbrush with a small or medium head, And be soft bristles, in addition to changing every three to four months, and advised to brush twice a day and not less than brushing time of two minutes at a time

Causes of bad breath

– Poor care of the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth.

– The incidence of various oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, inflammation of the tongue and others.

– Liver diseases and kidney failure due to high ammonia in the mouth.

– Immunodeficiency diseases such as diabetes. Decreased amount of water needed to moisten the mouth, leading to dryness, and stimulate the growth of bacteria responsible for this smell.

– Eat some foods, such as onions or garlic.

– the Residual food residues in your mouth that are analyzed by bacteria in your mouth.

– Be sure to follow up with your dentist regularly and follow the proper cleaning methods recommended by doctors.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath in 30 Seconds?

1- A recipe for halitosis to get rid of bad breath: Bicarbonate Soda with Clove

the ingredients:

200 g of rose water.

A spoon of soda bicarbonate.

A spoon of ground cloves.

simple way:

– Sodium bicarbonate is placed with rose water and crushed cloves on the fire until boiling.

– Leave it until completely cool and put it in a clean sterile bottle.

It is used daily as a rinse in the morning to get rid of bad breath.

2- Mint and parsley: two natural herbs with strong effect in reducing inflammation and resistance to germs in addition to their ability to rid the mouth of its foul smell, and prepare a solution of boiling each of the mint and parsley in a quantity of water, and then filter the water and use twice a day.

3- Lemon, water and salt: Prepare the recipe with the age of half a lemon, and then add to the juice half a teaspoon of salt and a half cup of water, and then use the resulting liquid as daily digestion

4- Mint and cloves. Sprinkle a tablespoon of mint, cloves and cinnamon thoroughly, then boil in a cup and a half of water, leave boiled for an hour until it cools, then put it in a tightly sealed container, and then wash the mouth three times a day in the morning after waking from sleep, after lunch, before going to sleep to get rid of bad breath

5- Steam honey to remove bad breath:

– Two large tablespoons of honey are dissolved in a bowl of boiling water.

– inhalation of steam resulting in the elimination of bad breath.

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