Try these 10 effective home remedies for cold

 Try these 10 effective home remedies for cold

home remedies for cold

Winter is soon and diseases and colds are common. But do not worry. The medicines are available and simple from your home, to combat all symptoms of colds, such as a cough, headache, and obstruction of the nose, all found in the pharmacy house,10 effective home remedies for cold

The use of some home remedies found in the home’s natural pharmacy may be good for alleviating the severity of the symptoms associated with colds such as a cough, sneezing, fever, headaches, and others. Perhaps the best it can do is to do nothing

You may remember the words of your grandmother or parents when you have a cold, that you have to take the herbs

The 10 magical Home Remedies for cold

Here are some home remedies that help relieve nasal obstruction or infection:

1- Thyme powerful natural remedies

One of the most powerful natural remedies for chronic flu is thyme, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Thyme also helps relieve back and neck pain associated with colds. Thyme reduces a headache caused by the viral infection of the flu and cold

How to eat a teaspoon of thyme with a teaspoon of lavender

A cup of boiled water

Steps to prepare

– In a cup of boiling water, put thyme and lavender.

– Put the ingredients together and leave the cup for a quarter of an hour.

– filter the drink and eat 3 times a day.

2- Garlic kill germs

Garlic has long been described for its legendary ability to kill germs and its medicinal properties. Garlic contains compounds, such as allicin, which gives it distinctive odor and antioxidant properties.

Taking garlic pills as a dietary supplement can help prevent colds and shorten their duration, and can help add a special flavor to meals when the nose is clogged, making the food taste nicer.

3- Cinnamon Of the quick home remedies in the treatment of cold

one Of the quick home remedies in the treatment of cold, cinnamon is one of the most powerful home remedies for cold. Aromatic cinnamon sticks relieve the pain of a sore throat and relieve sinus infections because they contain natural anti-inflammatory chemicals that a calm cough and headache pain


A cup of boiled water

Teaspoon of cinnamon

How to prepare

– Boil a glass of water and during boiling, add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of clove powder.

– Pull the steam rising and inhaled by the nose and after a little calming drink twice a day.

Cinnamon helps treat a sore throat effectively because it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Cinnamon is boiled with water on fire. The drink is taken after honey and is taken twice a day.

4- Ginger strong herbs

Ginger is known for its strong effect in the treatment of colds, as well as for other diseases, such as a headache, rheumatism, preferably fresh ginger, not dried.

Ginger is one of the herbs used to treat cold and flu, and this is because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and viruses. The roots of the chopped ginger are boiled and honey-sweetened and eaten three times throughout the day.

5- Honey calming the cold

honey has shown great effectiveness in reducing night cough, and cold and honey significantly improve the quality of sleep of children and their families as well. It acts as a calming and moisturizer for the throat. Drinking hot lemon tea, sweetened with honey, helps to moisten a sore throat and relieve coughs that may injure the throat.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that honey is used in different cultures to combat colds. Honey contains antioxidants, which enhance immunity and help calm a cough.

6- Drops of water and salt

drops in the nose relieve nasal discharge and help remove excess mucus while reducing congestion. You can buy saltwater drops, or even you can make them yourself by mixing the equivalent of 235 ml of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and use the mixture as a sprayer in the first nostril opening with a second lock With a finger, repeat 2-3 times and then put drops again in in the second nostril.

Nose wash with a saline solution helps in the case of a clogged nose, where the solution pours the opening of one nose, to get out of the other nasal opening, and thus help clean the sinuses

7- Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause cold.

It helps to get rid of the congestion that affects the nose, and it is useful to strengthen immunity, which protects against the incidence of various diseases, including cold.

A large spoonful of apple cider vinegar is mixed with a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water, and gargling is done daily.

8- Red Onions Of the quick home remedies in the treatment of cold

Those suffering from colds can take home-made red onion syrup to soothe cold symptoms. In order to make this drink, you will need red onions, honey, and brown sugar.

Cut two or three red onions into slices horizontally. Place a slice of onion in a bowl and add honey to it. Continue until the container is filled.

Cover the bowl and leave for 12 to 15 hours.

Eat a teaspoon of this drink several times a day to soothe a sore throat and cold symptoms

9- Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation helps eliminate summer colds and treats nasal obstruction and sore throat.

It also helps to reduce the amount of mucus, which works on the treatment of cold quickly.

For cold steam, you can add the eucalyptus oil to the hot water, and be careful to breathe this steam for at least 10 minutes, and repeated this 3 times a day.

10- Gargle with saltwater

When a sore throat, gargle can be used with traditional saline water that has proved useful in this case, can gargle with warm water with a teaspoon of salt four times a day, this helps maintain sterilization and sore throat that suffers from dehydration in some colds

Easy effective Home Remedies for cold

Symptoms that appear on the infected There are many symptoms that accompany the cold, including the following

– Sneezing, which is the most common sign, so the person suffering from persistent sneeze thickly.

– congestion in the throat, inflammation occurs in the throat, causing many pains in the throat. Stress and general fatigue, the patient feels general fatigue in his body.

– Headaches, the patient feels a headache in his head.

– Fever, the patient feels a rise in temperature of his body, and also feel cold,

Ways to prevent colds

As we know, colds is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system of humans, so the first methods of prevention, to stay away from infected with the disease, and there are other ways to prevent from disease, including these following:

– A healthy balanced diet, balanced food containing all the body needs to create a solid immunity to the human body, thus reducing the incidence of colds.

– Enough sleep, taking enough sleep to work on the body, and thus strengthen the immunity in the body, and thus reduce the incidence of colds.

– Exercise, as it gives the human body more strength, and even more bear with age.

– Drink lots of fluids, especially warm fluids.

– It is important to eat foods that contain vitamin C, such as orange, lemon, and strawberry

And be careful to take supplements that contain vitamin C.

– Comfort in bed Despite our busy lives, most of us hate to spend a day or two under the covers, but getting a rest gives your body more energy that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and viruses

– Use cold or hot compresses around the nose that can help you feel more comfortable.

You can take a damp towel and warm it for about 50 seconds in the microwave and test the temperature first to make sure it is not burning and put it over the nose in case you feel cold in your nose, or take a small bag of frozen peas to use as a cold pack and put it over your nose in case you feel the opposite.

– Taking green and black tea helps alleviate the symptoms of the cold because it contains natural antibiotics.

– Onions contain wonderful natural compounds that contribute to reducing the blockage of the airways.

– Turmeric, Adding turmeric to a cup of warm milk allows for a very effective home remedy for tonsillitis. Turmeric is a kind of spice known to possess anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

finally, as my grandmother told me that must Eating Chicken Soup The researchers confirmed that the recipe for chicken soup may help relieve some symptoms of sinusitis.


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