how to lose belly fat in 5 days!

 how to lose belly fat in 5 days!

how to lose belly fat in 5 days !

foods that burn belly fat


Learn about foods that help burn belly fat
as well as general weight loss tips

Abdominal fat is an irritant for people who suffer from obesity, not only because it is harmful to health, but because of its bulging shape. Therefore, health experts recommend foods that help to reduce weight and burn rummer fats before they accumulate.

Abdominal fat accumulates for several reasons, such as hormonal factors, lack of exercise and the desire to binge on some fatty foods

In addition to the many belly fat burning methods available to you, forget that there are foods to burn abdominal fat that make it easier for you to help you get a tight belly and flat as it is delicious at the same time. If you are one of those people who wish to burn belly fat safely and easily without a diet and severe hunger and permanent, you can besides of the sport to include these foods in your food is a sure effect in getting rid of the emergence of the abdomen and abdominal fat burning in general

Reasons for the emergence of the abdomen

The disposal of fat around the abdomen is important for any girl and woman These fats come from the amounts of sugar cannot be handled by the body to become fat around the abdomen, and there are many factors help to increase the summer, and these factors

Eating fast food is one of the most difficult factors that help to increase fat around the abdomen because of the high proportion of calories, it is advised to stay away from these meals and replace them with healthy and calorie-free foods.

Eating fast increases the amount of food and reduces fat burning, so it is recommended to eat slowly; because it feels full and increases the burning calories.

Lack of sleep factors that also help the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, so it is recommended to sleep for at least eight hours a day to regulate the metabolism, and burn calories better.

best foods that burn belly fat

1. Oats and nuts for burn belly fat

Increasing the amount of soluble fiber consumed is one sure way to get rid of belly fat,

and foods rich in fiber such as oats, nuts, beans, and berries.

Nutritionists recommend a daily dose of these foods ranging from 25 to 35 grams, especially if you suffer from diabetes because soluble fiber is much better in controlling the level of sugar in the blood compared to carbohydrates, such as bread, which may cause the level of sugar in Blood and then retract it again.

2- Watermelon for weight-loss

Watermelon is also a fruit rich in potassium that helps to reduce the weight

of water in the body.
A study conducted at the University of Kentucky found that drinking melon juice reduces body fat and also lowers cholesterol.

3- Bananas |for weight-loss !!

Bananas have a bad reputation, which is said to contain more carbohydrates than is allowed in healthy foods. In fact, bananas are an excellent source of nutrients, especially potassium, which helps the body get rid of excess fluid.

If you feel overweight, especially after consuming a large amount of salty food, potassium-rich foods will help you get rid of excess water.

4- Mint for weight-loss

Peppermint extract is known for its ability to reduce gases and relieve irritation of the digestive system, and just a peppermint mint reduces the feeling of hunger and thus avoid eating too much.

It also helps to relax the body and nerves and help to sleep and get rid of insomnia, where often when dieting diet and dieting thinner because of the lack of the body on the amount of food or a few calories for a temporary period or maybe prolonged may suffer from insomnia and during the night with insomnia, You may feel so hungry that if you respond to him you can spoil your diet all you can overcome naturally using mint.

5- Avocado for weight-loss

There is a rumor that avocados help to gain weight. This is not true. Avocados are made up of

folic acid, which allows us to eliminate or delay the feeling of hunger.

In addition, it has the right fiber to get a flat stomach so consuming avocado a day will help you burn fat, especially if you are in power or in creams.

6- Who among us does not stir tomatoes?

 They are an excellent accompaniment to the authorities and sauces, and they give the dishes that unique and basic flavor every day. But did you know that tomatoes reduce the accumulation of fat in the blood? It also serves as a good filter to protect our body from fat accumulation. So make sure you have tomatoes in all your dishes

7- Apple for weight-loss

Apple juice contains many fibers that help fill the stomach, give it a sense of satiety, and reduces apple juice from cholesterol in the blood. Tomato juice: helps to get rid of fat; because it contains low levels of carbohydrates and sugar, which is rich in magnesium and potassium, and vitamin C, and all these minerals benefit the body and do not increase fat around the abdomen.

8- Spinach

Spinach juice contains iron, magnesium, calcium and other plant chemicals. It is rich in chlorophyll that helps the body receive enough oxygen, removes toxins, and maintains the level of fat in the body.

belly fat diet

First: Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water is the first way to get a lean, tight stomach. A thirsty feeling leads to more food. So it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and drink a glass of cold water before eating in minutes, this method is very effective to reduce the abdomen.

Avoid drinking soft drinks.

Drinking soft drinks often add a lot of calories to the body without adding any nutritional value. At the same time, soft drinks contain large quantities of sugar, which are difficult for the body to get rid of easily, and then the body converts them to fats around the abdominal area, showing abdominal tingling.

Third: Food diversification.

Bad eating habits are one of the most important reasons for burning belly fat.

A person is supposed to eat a good portion of protein while eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and green peppers. In addition to eating whole grains, eggs, and lean meat. Provided you stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Fourth: Eat slowly.

The most important way to recommend abdominal is not to eat fast, since eating slowly works to speed the sense of satiety and increase fat burning and improve the performance of the digestive system.

Fifth: Avoid eating junk food.

Usually, relying on fast food is the most important reason for abdominal flaccidity. For this reason, you should avoid as much as possible the consumption of fast food, which contains a lot of fat and calories, which leads to difficulty burning

belly fat and buttocks. Therefore, such meals should be replaced with healthy, low-fat diets.

last, Sleeping.

Recent studies have shown that sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day reduces abdominal loss faster.

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