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The fact that most people prefer their favorite meal is French fries. It is very popular for adults and young people, but often the French fries will not be as crispy and delicious as restaurants.

Potatoes are often considered the main dishes. They are served in a variety of forms, including fried, grilled on charcoal or grilled by the oven, and a variety of flavors and flavors such as pepper Black and salt Potato is also a carbohydrate-rich food source for proper body growth. Today, I offer you how to make french fries at home

how to make french fries at home: Best French Fries Recipe

Who among us does not like crispy fried potatoes? If you do not know the secrets of preparing them, here are tips and tricks to get delicious french fries at home

The potato is considered one of the most common types of fast food, such as burgers, shawarma, and chicken wings. Taken because they lead to weight gain because of the containment of oils in large quantities

french fried ingredients

– Potatoes: 3 pieces of potatoes

– 2 cups of vegetable oil

– 1 tablespoon salt

– Ketchup: Cup

– Mayonnaise: Cup

How to Make French Fries at Home

1 – Choose fresh potato seeds and avoid those that contain spots or blackness.

2 – Crispy potatoes and cut into thin fingers to get a perfect crunch.

3 – Make sure that the potatoes are roughly equal to the chipping to cook in an equal manner.

4 – Pour the fingers of potatoes in the warm water for half an hour and then the class and break it again with cold water for 30 minutes.

– When putting the potatoes in cold water, add a little salt and sodium bicarbonate to the mixture. This trick is a crispy potato chip. You can replace sodium bicarbonate with a little vinegar if your ingredient is not available.

– Heat the oil well before you cut potatoes and make sure to filter out of a water well before you put it in the pan.

Remove the fried potatoes from the fire and put them on paper towels to absorb the extra oil.

Finally, sprinkle the salt on the fries and it is hot. then served with ketchup or mayonnaise.

The second trick to make french fries at home delicious for you and your family

– After soaking potatoes in cold water, heat oil on a fire.

– Put the fingers of potatoes from water and then put in the oil protected.

– Pot potatoes for only 5 minutes and then put in the refrigerator for two hours of time.

Take out the potatoes and turn them over again until they become crispy

Quick Tips to make french fries at home

– You can make fried potatoes with bacon with simple ingredients of egg and cup of crushed crumbs.

– You can also make another easy way to potato fried in your home, including French fries with parmesan cheese or French fries with cheddar cheese

– The type of potato must be potatoes for frying and not for cooking because they have a large amount of water and make it soft and flexible after the frying.

– Lay the potato in the frying pan and do not give it a single push so as not to stick and knead

– Stir potatoes before fermentation makes them mature from the inside and crunchy from the outside

– And to work Chips potato thinning the size of the very circle and fry in the oil is abundant and each one is far from the other to get crispy chips and not soft.

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