How to start a Weight Loss Challenge?

 How to start a Weight Loss Challenge?

start a weight loss

How to face, weight loss, challenges, Do you find it difficult to start your diet, for a long time? The first week of your diet is the most difficult and it determines your success or not. Some steps before and during the diet help you to withstand the challenge of losing weight for as long as possible.

It’s time to get on track: Weight loss challenge

That the moment the start of the diet and the first days are the hardest and also know that the moment when the collapse of their forces in front of the food to decide to stop the diet. To minimize the risk of reaching this stage, experts are advised to think about some points before starting the diet to strengthen the determination to continue. The following are the most important steps

1- Long-term plan

Do not start with a sudden diet that is rarely successful, so it is best to start with a careful look at nutrition in general and answer certain questions to determine the number of sugars and fats you eat, the way you prepare food and the number of fries you eat. Required and prepare the body for starting your weight loss challenge

2- Arranging kitchen drawers

candy, chocolates, and chips bags no longer have any place in your kitchen today, so take a look at what your kitchen drawers have before you start your diet, get rid of everything that goes against your diet, and make your home just for healthy food.

3- Identify your reasons

Will your new weight makes you more confident in yourself or train you to a sport you love? The goals of each person following a weight loss diet are different. Experts recommend that you make a list of reasons why you should adhere to the regimens. This list helps you in moments when you feel upset about diet and are about to abandon it.

4- Real goals

“I will never eat chocolate after that and I will live on healthy food and exercise.” It is difficult for many to follow these goals, so it is best to set goals that suit your abilities while taking it into consideration. Do not start exercising for three hours a day. The hour and make it gradually increase.

5- Avoid hunger

Eating regularly is very important during the first week of regimens, as each meal should contain vegetables because they are saturated despite the lack of calories. All foods can be eaten up to potatoes, rice and pasta at lunch but in small quantities. As for meals, it is recommended to eat yogurt, nuts, and fruits, while reducing food to the point of feeling hungry is often a bad result.

6- Do not over in your expectations

Some people feel excited at the beginning of the weight loss that drives them to stand on the balance the day after the diet starts, which experts warn and warn against expecting a sharp drop in weight. It is normal for a person to lose about half a kilo after the first week of diet and nothing more. The German Dietetic Association advises weight loss as the ideal situation is the loss of just two kilograms per month.

7- Stop drinking soft drinks

The soda contained in these drinks is full of caffeine and a high percentage of fructose corn syrup and you know that it leads to a large proportion to the weight and the damage to the large, including osteoporosis and increase the risk of diabetes and tooth decay

Start from the day to replace soft drinks with a small water bottle that is always in your hand to successful weight loss.

8- Take a picture of yourself

Take a front and side image and then keep it until you look to compare it when you reach your ideal weight

9-Refill your breakfast with protein

Breakfast is full of carbohydrates every day this is crazy enough to keep away from a healthy weight.

Instead of focusing on getting something in your belly see protein as a challenge to add to your diet. “It’s easy to eat carbohydrates like cashews, croissants, and cereals for breakfast, but protein is a key factor in satiety and maintaining stable blood sugar for longer periods of time,” he said. “It is a necessity compared to high-carbohydrate diets, The level of blood sugar that stays constant for up to three hours after a meal. “

10-Follow Rule 10: 1

It’s a very simple rule but it’s a handy rule to keep in mind whenever you shop to buy a loaf of bread: “For every 10 grams of carbohydrates, there must be 1 gram of fiber,” says Rebecca Lewis. It’s really wonderful advice if you want to eat bread without gaining weight

11- Stop eating the evening

Do not eat after half-past seven Take this challenge and you will realize when you wake up feeling very good you want to make it part of your routine.

Eating late at night is often unhealthy and can make it difficult to get rid of excess weight.

12- Calm your body with tea

Making a cup of tea, then eating it slowly, is a great way to add a filter period every day. Often, having dinner in one of the times that accumulate today’s stress for many people and this leads to snacks when you are not hungry or You find it difficult to sleep

This tea time at night can also be combined with recording your diary as a powerful way to deal well with your daily stress, without the need for food.

Weight loss challenge is not easy: how can you do that mission

Tips to Keep You Motivated

– Dependence on vegetarian food more than vegetables and fruits and these are tips for successful dieting.
– Exploiting the wide variety of vegetables to make permanent changes so that the boredom of repeating one type does not occur.
– Use oils of plant origin such as olive oil.
– Use of low-fat dairy. Reduce the use of foods containing high-fat content.
– Variety of meals: The first week of regimens is the most difficult, so before you start the diet, find recipes for light food you like and prepare a meal every day that combines tasty taste with a few calories.
Finally, as we said, there is no magic diet, but there are many effective diets, and everyone has what suits him

You should ask yourself these questions

1. Does it contain foods that are varied enough and include all basic food groups (fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, cereals, seeds, and protein)?

2- Does it contain the foods you love and enjoy, which you can rely on permanently and not for a temporary system for weeks or months?

3- Does this system allow you to eat your favorite food, and allow a margin to eat all foods?

4- Do your budget and lifestyle fit away from unhealthy habits that need change?

5- Does it contain adequate nutrition and calorie doses for weight loss effectively and safely without a negative effect on the body?

6- Is exercise an essential part of the program? If the majority of the answers are “No”, I know that this system does not give you the best possible and you can find a better diet


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