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How to take care of your dog

Many people know very well that the best friend of man is the dog and there are many reasons why we understand this point dogs have a special loyalty to their friends and love their friends love without restrictions and no conditions at all and the love and affection that always show a lot of dogs towards her friends is a rare kind of love and friendship We know him even among the human beings, this is all beside and the other side is her fun and her continuous play with her boyfriend, which of course adds fun to life, and sometimes we find older people prefer to have dogs

Steps to take care of your dog

1- Always give him the right care

Always have to take care of your dog at all times Always give him the right food for him at regular intervals and do not forget the appropriate drink for him Always try to rest assured that the temperature is always appropriate to provide him with shade in the hot air

2- Vaccination continuous for dogs

Vaccination and continuous detection are important to periodically clean all bacteria and parasites that are related to your dog’s skin. It is also important to clean your dog’s teeth. You should know that there are diseases that cause dogs to be very serious. Any diseases that may be exposed to the dog and from time to time you should go to the doctor to follow you with the vitamins required for your dog

3- Enter your dog in the activities of your family

Enter your dog in the activities of your family and friends makes the dog a member of your family members and make it active with the members of your home so feel comfortable

4- Make sure your dog is healthy

You should take it from time to time to the veterinarian to ensure his safety and appropriate treatment and vaccination.
6- Decorate the dog and tame it The dog always cares about him and his cleanliness. He is a healthy, happy and happy dog. Always care about the extra hair of the dog and its nails. look at your dog’s ear.

Tame the dog

It is always important to try to train your dog in everything you want and you can easily train your dog at home without the need of a coach. Just get a young dog and always reward him after he executes your orders every time.

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