How to Take Care of Twins!

 How to Take Care of Twins!

How to Take Care of Twins !

How to take care of newborn twins

Your joy is certainly doubled when you know you are waiting for a twin, but certainly also doubling your fear and concern about taking care of young people passing through the same difficult and adolescence stages together.

All new parents face adjustment problems, but when it comes to breeding the twins the difficulties and happy moments, multiply. What are the special challenges for twin parents?

1-Twin Parenting Challenges: Postnatal Recovery

Mothers who develop twins often need physical therapy to allow the body to recover from childbirth. The risk of postpartum depression is also higher among twin mothers. To facilitate the healing process, place your health safety in the central priority with the health of the twins, do not allow yourself to reach the state of extreme mental and physical fatigue. Use the supportive environment around you and take some rest and sleep whenever possible.

2-Twin Breeding Challenges: Changing Daily Routine

Staying at home with two small children can be tired and exhausting. Quickly you will feel the need to go out for recovery. Most twins are born prematurely and at the low birth weight. If twins are born before the 35th week, it is not recommended to go to places like crowded shopping malls and parks, especially in the winter. This puts them at risk of RSV and respiratory diseases, but the twins can certainly be taken for a walk. District. Another possibility is to invite friends home, provided they wash their hands well before touching the twins.

3-Twin Breeding Challenges: Prepare to get out of the house

Getting out of the house with twins is not a spontaneous event at all, but an event that requires advance planning. You must per-pack all necessary equipment in the car and try to have travel timing between feeding meals, changing diapers and sleeping children. One of the first places you visit with a twin is a baby clinic to check and follow up and receive the vaccination. It is best to arrive early in the morning before the waiting list lengthens and you find yourself stuck in the waiting room with two crying children. Because there is a need to take off and dress up the twins and reassure them each time, it is best to have another adult accompany you. Ask one of the grandmothers to accompany you to the clinic.

tips to care of your twins baby

Some tips on how to create closeness and intimacy with each of the twins within the process of breeding twins:

Feed each twin separately. While breastfeeding the child, look at him and rub him in your hands. The soft-touch between skin and skin creates closeness and affinity between mother/father and child.

Change the diaper change period for specific baby time. You do not have to change the diaper in a hurry, sing to the child, hear funny sounds, play with him and smile in his face.

Sleep with the child. Do not sleep with the baby as long as you sleep on a hard mattress without a mattress or pillows, or a blanket that may be attached to the twins. Make sure that the twins are far from the edge of the mattress, and can not fall or hang in the space between the bed and the mattress. It is recommended to put a thin mattress on the floor and sleep with the twins

The stage of raising two twin children will be one of the most exciting stages of your life, but you should organize a schedule for your day with your children and set the same dates for breastfeeding, sleeping and bathing for both of them so as not to distract you.

Do not worry about their birth less weight and size for non-twins is normal for twins at birth.

In the early months, you do not have to buy two beds. You can sleep in one bed together, but when they start moving, separate them so that they do not awaken each other.

If one of them awakens in the middle of the night, he wakes up and awakens the other and breastfeeds him until they sleep together again.

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