pregnancy tips: amazing Tips for new moms

 pregnancy tips: amazing Tips for new moms

pregnancy tips

If your first pregnancy is that you are new to the journey of motherhood, of course, you have a lot of questions in your head about tips for a healthy pregnancy, so we offer you tips for every new mom
Pregnant women are directly responsible for their health and the health of their fetus, what it will affect the composition, In addition, the baby’s absorption of nutrients in the mother’s body leads to the need to compensate for these nutrients by following pregnancy tips

If you are sure you are pregnant and after the joy, you felt when you heard the news, you are sure to ask yourself many questions about the things that you should change in your lifestyle so that you will have good pregnancy tips so that you have a good pregnancy free of any problems.

pregnancy tips| amazing Tips for Every pregnant woman

Do you know that proper prenatal health care avoids the health problems of your child
Studies have found that children of mothers who do not receive prenatal care are three times more likely to have a weak child, while the rate of death is five times higher than those born to mothers who receive care.

1- educate your self

It is very good to see the details of this experience, ask questions to your doctor and clarify the options available to facilitate the moments of birth. You should develop a plan for the postpartum period, not just for the birth

The birth of your baby is by no means an experience you will never forget. However, many new mothers who are drowning in fear of giving birth to enjoy this moment.

pregnancy tips, The major thing to be planned is the postnatal period, such as the stage of breastfeeding, how to feed and care for the child, regulating his sleep, intimacy with the husband after birth and other things that need to be planned

2- Follow a healthy diet

In the early months of pregnancy, the mother suffers from near-permanent fatigue that requires her to pay more attention to what she eats. She needs more energy almost permanently. It is important to pay attention to what the mother is eating at this stage because good nutrition is not only important for fetal growth during pregnancy but also protects the fetus from a number of diseases in the future.

3- Breast care during pregnancy

Use well-fitted braces to keep your nipples clean and clean with warm water and to wash them with olive oil every day starting from the fifth month of pregnancy. Avoid soap and cream. Cocoa butter or massage moisturizer can be used to prevent breast congestion.

4- Many foods rich in iron

the amount of blood in the body of pregnant women by 40 percent during pregnancy, more than the need for iron. However, many women do not have sufficient iron intake, which causes anemia, which is behind the premature birth and birth of the child with less than normal weight, in addition to the mother’s constant fatigue. Be sure to eat foods rich in iron, such as eggs, meat, spinach, and lentils.

5- Concentrate on folic acid

Folic acid has proved its ability to reduce the risk of birth defects in the fetus, and stimulate the normal development of cells. Folic acid is found in foods such as lentils, red beans, spinach, and citrus.

Make sure you start taking 0.4 milligrams of folic acid. Folic acid before pregnancy has significantly reduced many defects and abnormalities.

6- Medical follow-up during pregnancy

is necessary for the mother and fetus and make sure to choose a skilled doctor, which I feel comfortable psychologically because the psychological factor is necessary between the doctor and you

7- Practicing yoga during pregnancy

because it has many benefits, it reduces back pain and constipation and facilitate birth but moved from hard sports

8- Walking is very useful for pregnant women

yes, it relieves your feeling of bulging and constipation, and brings you to birth becomes less difficult for you

9- Drink at least 8-6 glasses of water a day

Drink plenty of water, milk, and fresh fruit juices to keep your skin glasses, to cleanse your kidneys, and even rid your body of excess salts. It also benefits from constipation, and you should avoid soft drinks.

10- Stop caffeine and stimulants

11- Care of teeth during pregnancy: Dental care

Brush your teeth with toothpaste or toothpicks after each meal or in the morning and at least before bedtime. Consult your dentist if you have any complaint

12- Shoes should be low heels

and you are advised to wear a pair of soft leather shoes. High-heeled shoes can create pain in the lower back and cramp in both legs. In this regard, wearing high-heeled shoes is not safe because you will not be able to see where you stand because of your oversized belly, Change shoes

One of the first tips for pregnant women is to avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes such as high-heeled shoes. You should also avoid wearing tight shoes. During pregnancy, your weight increases (which is very normal), which increases the weight on your feet and toes. Something to do is to wear wide, flat shoes.

13- Get enough sleep at least eight hours a day.

14- Avoid smoking during pregnancy, and avoid sitting in places where smoking is frequent.

15- Stay away from exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time

pregnancy tips: Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

– Avoid foods that are rich, hot, fatty and foods that bother you

– Eat more carbohydrates (grilled potatoes, white rice or dry toast).

– Avoid preservatives as much as possible.

– If you are taking any prescription medication, you should check that it can continue during pregnancy.

– Avoid these foods during pregnancy, including raw or semi-cooked meat to contain bacteria that may harm the health of the fetus such as liver, spleen, bone marrow, smoked and raw meat.

– Avoid sweets If you tend to eat sweets a lot, try to avoid it. Replace the sweets with dried fruits, nuts or salted fruit or cake with a spoon of jam or honey. Because it increases the readiness of the body of a pregnant woman to have diabetes called gestational diabetes, so you have to pay attention to eating fatty sweets and replace them with fruit and nuts not salted

– Reduce intake of salt as there is a relationship between excessive intake and some pregnancy problems such as excessive swelling, and the possibility of pregnancy spasm caused by high blood pressure.

– Obtain appropriate education about the stage of pregnancy, prenatal warning signs and the need to know birthmarks.

– Food during pregnancy

You will not need to get extra food for your child, but we recommend you have balanced meals. That is, each meal contains all the necessary nutrients and avoids fatty and sour foods, spices or spicy spices and tea, cocoa and coffee. Cheese, meat, birds, fish, and vegetables, especially paper and fresh fruits. If you weigh more than normal, reduce the amount of rice, potatoes, and sweets. We recommend you get 6 snacks better than 3 meals.

– Exercising advises pregnant women to exercise, regular exercises benefit the psyche and body of pregnant women, and exercises that can be practiced by the pregnant woman Yoga. Swimming. Water exercises. Deep breathing exercises. Stretching. Walking.

Finally, pregnant women should take into account some things that include a healthy and balanced diet that ensures good health for the mother and the fetus during the months of pregnancy.

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