sesame oil benefits: many benefits and amazing results

 sesame oil benefits: many benefits and amazing results

sesame oil benefits

Sesame oil is a natural oil that contains a large percentage of vitamins and nutrients important for the health of the body and skin, as it is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and protein, and has many benefits for the face and hair and more

sesame oil benefits For Having A Bottle In Your Home

contains many minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, and phosphorus with high concentrations, giving it many benefits for a healthy body, skin, and hair.

1- Promotes oral and dental health

It helps to remove the calcareous layer that surrounds the teeth, helps to whiten the teeth, reduces the problems of the gums as a drain, in addition to its role in solving the problem of bad smell in the mouth and the problem of a dry throat.

It reduces the bacteria in the throat and mouth by mixing the amount of sesame oil with water and washing the mouth with the mixture. This treatment treats laryngitis and relieves the pain of the teeth. It can also massage the gums directly with oil and put it on the painful teeth to relieve the pain.

2- sesame oil fight stress and depression

Sesame oil is effective against depression and stress as it increases the feeling of happiness. Enhancing immunity and reducing stress Because the use of sesame oil on your skin helps reduce stress, increase mental calm and comfort, and enhance immunity.
Treatment of depression and anxiety, as the tyrosine in sesame oil, is linked to the activity of serotonin and helps in its release, which promotes mental health and helps in the production of happy hormones.

3- sesame oil for strong hair

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and proteins that strengthen hair from the roots, nourish it deeply, it also helps hair growth, maintaining the scalp
also Maintains the health and strength of the hair and protects it from damage and fall and helps to grow hair healthily. More importantly, it delays the appearance of early white hair and maintains hair color.

And also eliminates dandruff and hair through the massage of the hair every day. And soften the hair and moisturize and maintain its brightness and strength.

4- Benefits of sesame oil for skin health

Sesame oil is a unique source of zinc, which treats damaged skin tissue. It is a necessary mineral for the production of collagen, so it helps to maintain smoothness and suppleness of the skin. Tighten the facial skin and renew dead cells.

It works on the freshness of the skin and the treatment of spots and inflammation also helps to lighten the skin and beauty. It fights signs of aging such as wrinkles and white lines. You can also use sesame oil and protect against the sun because it protects the skin from harmful sun rays.
Placing it around the eye area relieves dark circles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It can be used as a body lotion in general, especially elbows and knees.

5- help your baby health

Sesame oil for baby health Use sesame oil to massage the skin of the baby; in order to contribute to its growth, improve sleep, reduce infections diaper rash, and treat dry skin. Skin break treatment where you can massage skin cracks in sesame oil every night, then cover with a cotton sock.

Adding sesame oil to your child’s diet will help him eat many useful nutrients, as follows: Sesame oil contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects the child’s heart and reduces the risk of cancer. Sesame oil contains vitamin K, which is useful for infants with vitamin K deficiency.

6-sesame oil for increase your breast

Many girls and women are looking for ways to enlarge their breasts, and usually, breast enlargement is normal either through the use of natural substances or through a surgical intervention that costs a lot of money and causes a lot of side effects. Method of breast massage with sesame oil

To perform breast massage with sesame oil you can follow these simple steps:

– Warm the sesame oil by holding the bottle in the palm of your hands for a while.

– Put a little (a few drops) of sesame oil on the breast.

– Now massage gently with the palm of your hands until the oil spreads to all areas of the breast.

– Do not squeeze too much on the breast but massage gently.

– Massage the circular movements in a clockwise direction and then perform the massage in the opposite direction.

7- Promotes bone health

It protects against osteoporosis because it contains zinc, phosphorus, and protein. Sesame oil also treats rickets in the foot because it contains calcium.
A few drops of sesame oil are added. It is used to massage the joints and bones to treat arthritis. A few drops of essential ginger oil can be used to improve blood circulation. It can also be used to treat inflamed muscles surrounding the joint.

Sesame oil prevents cancer

Sesame contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer tumors such as lung cancer, pancreas, colon, prostate.

substances that act as antioxidants, so it helps protect against cancer, and it has a high proportion of the magnesium component, which protects against colon cancer in particular

9- Helps regulate pressure level

Lowers and controls high blood pressure levels, improves cardiovascular health, atherosclerosis, magnesium, active sesame and many powerful antioxidants such as Sesame. It also contains healthy fatty acids that support heart function and function.

10- Prevents constipation

Enhances the function and functions of the digestive system because of its fiber content that prevents constipation, and also addresses the problems of colon health.

11- lowers cholesterol

Reduces low cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) and raises levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in the blood.
It provides the body with monounsaturated which are good fats that reduce the proportion of harmful cholesterol and reduces the proportion of harmful fats.

12- helps in rheumatoid arthritis

Maintains joint health, reduces symptoms of inflammation as swelling, fights rheumatoid arthritis, because of its content of a copper element, and many anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

13- helps prevent diabetes

sesame oil helps to Lowers blood sugar levels and also controls them because of its fiber content that regulates absorption and recovery of sugar in the intestine and has a protective role against the of type 2 diabetes, and the role of catalyst for the work of some diabetes medicines.

14- Benefits of sesame oil for intercourse

The sesame oil is useful for intercourse, as it treats vaginal irritation in women, and increases the moisture of the vagina, which alleviates pain during the process of intercourse, and this is the benefits of sesame oil of the male also, where the male massage sesame oil to play the role of moistening the vagina, Menopause in women because it has an effect similar to the effect of natural estrogen.

15- Sesame oil is anti-bacterial

Sesame oil has anti-bacterial healing properties, thus helping to quickly heal wounds and scratches. Besides, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Sesame oil helps to treat many skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

16- Protects the health of the heart

According to research conducted, sesame oil can reduce bad cholesterol levels.

It contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Sesame oil contains acidic, sesame and seismic.

These fatty acids maintain a strong cardiovascular system and low-density cholesterol levels, thus preventing atherosclerosis.

sesame oil benefits are great for skin and hair More

Tips on how to use sesame oil

– You can use it in many dishes. Sesame oil is used in many recipes and can be used as an alternative to other vegetable oils. It is added to the salads and various types of sauces. It is also used in the recipes of some sweets instead of ghee or oil.

– You can moisturize the skin and use it daily on the skin to take care of and increase moisturizing and can be used in a mixture to treat dry skin in the knee or elbow, by mixing with castor oil, or almond oil.

– Reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and maintain youth with massage the skin with some drops of a sesame oil well and daily for five minutes, and then washed with lukewarm water.

– You can also use sesame oil as a mask for hair. After bathing, put about 10ml of sesame oil on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. If you want to keep it all night, wrap it in a towel.


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