Social media | negative effects on children

 Social media | negative effects on children

Social media | negative effects on children

Social media positive and negative

Importance of social media positive Social media and development of our kid’s internet safety for kids must you know Negative effects of social media on children Country and family believe of the importance of social media

Today, young kids play with electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. Social media is a funny and active part of your adolescent’s life. also is considered as a parent, you need to know how social media effects on child development.

In today’s age, no one remains reclusive. From the pings, chat windows to the pokes

The positive influence of social media on children

Social media helps you link up with people from all over the world. The positive influences of social media on children include: It helps to provide an effective and positive platform for enhancing or starting your child’s knowledge. also, It helps to motivate our children to get better at communication, more skills and encourages opinion and freedom of self-expression.

it is Helps our children connect with extended family and their friends. also, it is Helps to develop better perspectives on a lot of issues. Learn new things, and exchange our ideas and helps hone their networking activity and skills. Social media can facilitate the development and increase of technical expertise. So we must information about internet safety for our kids and essential tips to follow to protect our kids

1. Placing the Computer
2. Prepare a “time” Agreement
3. Check What Your Kids Post Online
4. Don’t Click On Ad Banners or Posts
5. Opt For a High-End Security
6. Shop at Reputed Websites
7. Refrain from Sharing Vital Info
8. Never Subscribe To E-Newsletters
9. Use a Tougher Password
10. Avoid Meeting Online Friends.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Children

Waste of time. We agree that social media is good, but ‘too much of you know how it goes. Spending too much time can also affect your child negatively

media also has a dark side. Some popular but disturbing effects that make you know why social media is bad and not good for our kids?

and often lead to social media addiction. Add to that you can manifest itself as a lot of symptoms and may even affect your child’s physical health in the future.

Cyberbullying is another growing trend among social media websites. Cyberbullying can have dangerous and potentially fatal effects. It claims many victims each year. Australia suffers from a large number of teen and other youth suicides due to cyberbullying.

As her mother, you have to ensure your kid invests quality energy in online networking sites and procures positive results. Keep a tab on what destinations your kid gets to. Teach her about the upsides and downsides of online networking. so If you find that withdrawn or moody or excited because of a lack of social media access, you should want to visit a therapist.

She may be addicted. In fact, although there are many negative effects all family in all countries believe that “ social media “very important Social media have become famous parts of life for many young people nowadays. Social media can have educational profit for kids as well. They are learning real skills that are required for success in today’s wired world.


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