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Dogs are among the most intelligent animals. There are large numbers of people who love dogs and may buy them in their homes as pets. Dogs are available in a wide variety of breeds. People prefer these breeds as one of the most intelligent breeds. We now offer you a list of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world

the smartest dogs in the world

Many people consider their own dogs to be their closest friends. This comes not from a vacuum, but because they find it fulfilling. Some people recommend all of their money on their dog or spend more than they spend on themselves. There are some species that show you their intelligence and loyalty at the same time.

10. Australian cattle dog

Australian cattle dog is regarded as one of the smartest dogs in the world. This type of dog needs to exercise as well as mental as part of the daily routine.

The Australian cattle dog is born active and close to physical and mental exercise, making it an active dog. This dog belongs to the Australian strain. The weight of this dog varies between 20-28 kg. The height is also different and may reach 51 cm.

9. Router dogs the smart

Routine is one of the dogs listed in the smart and very useful police list. It is also known as a scary dog. These dogs are very brave dogs.

These dogs were used to haul carts loaded with meat and other objects. In previous years these dogs were also used for hunting purposes but are now daily not used for hunting. In addition, these dogs are defined as dogs that are used as evidence in search and rescue.

8. Mastiff

Mastiff is a guard dog which is large in size. There are a variety of Mastiffs, including Mastiff in the Alps, American Mastiff, Mastiff Mastiff, Mastiff, Brazilian Mastiff, Anatolian Mastiff and many more. All the different themes of the mastiff have different characteristics.

Mastiff in the Alps is a breed that originated in Switzerland and is now said to be from extinct breeds. The American Mastiff originated in the United States of America The Argentine Mastiff originated in Argentina.

7. Labrador Retriever

This dog has great popularity in the world. In addition, it is a very amiable and loving dog to its owner, which creates a friendly relationship between them.

Regular exercise is not required for this dog.
They are also friendly to other breeds of dogs. They have the ability to swim very well, as they are passionate about sportsmanship and are very active in outdoor games.

6. Shetland Shepherd Dog

This level of IQ is referred to as a human intelligence rate. Other names are called on this dog such as Shetland Collie, Dwarf Shepherd Scout. He is a very gentle and loyal dog to his companions. The lifespan of these dogs is between 12 and 13 years. The average weight of this dog is 16 to 20 lbs.

5. The Doberman

This dog originated in Germany. The average weight of these dogs is 34-41 kg for males and about 27-36 kg for females. It also exists in many colors such as black, blue, red and white.

Dogman dogs are very loyal dogs towards their jobs. They are known to be distinctive dogs in the guard. The average age of the dog is about 10 to 11 years. The dog is very active.

4. Chow Chow

Another name for this Zhao Dynasty food is food. These dogs originated in China. They have a very nice appearance. The weight of male and female Chao Chow dogs between 55 and 70 lbs and 45-60 lbs respectively. They have a thick and coarse body

This dog comes in red, black, cream and cinnamon. The average height of this variety is about 48-56 cm for males and 46-51 cm for females.

3. German shepherd

The German Shepherd is another breed of dog who has good intelligence. These dogs are classified to be very courageous and intelligent dogs. Many families choose these dogs as pets. The average weight of these dogs is about 34 kg. The approximate altimeter is 60 cm.

These dogs are found in a black-size saddle with large size. The original function of these dogs is to walk with the herd and guard the sheep.

2. Poodles dogs

Dog poodle is a very cute and charming dog. Aside from being cute and charming, they are very smart dogs. This dog originated in France or Germany, it is also a very skilled dog that accomplishes mathematical tasks such as tracking, agility, and others.

1. Boulder Cooley Dogs

is the most intelligent dog on this list. Boulder Cooley is a kind of permanently occupied dog where it is permanently involved. Whenever he sets free, he keeps on looking for a job to do but not sitting idle, a kind of hardworking dog. This dog needs constant and intensive training.

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