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Top 10 fierce dog breeds

Dogs are described as “the best friend of man.” Of a Having dogs Can Be positives of a And Enjoyable Experience For The Whole Family, All the while Dogs Can Be by dangerous, Some More Than Others by dangerous.
Some but dog ‘s Breeds are On The Powerful And by most by dangerous, And by v BulletinĀ® Nature, there are On Aggressive And Violent Creatures.

The To the American According Veterinary Medical Association And The … US Centers For Disease Control-, More Than the ten Of The mummies world’s by most by dangerous dog ‘s Breeds Have Been Collected. We will just look at them. KEEP yourself ‘s Safe the Just And Start With The Least by dangerous:
Dogs are On Considered To Be The Animals by most Suitable For Humans But In Fact, Some Types Of dogs that do not receive the appropriate training for them to be By controlling them completely, they may turn into the fiercest and most dangerous types of dogs in the world

10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

10. Dalmatian breeds

Origin: Balkans and India – Weight: 40-70 lbs – Height: 20-24 inches

It is the first breed in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It was used by humans in wars, hunting, cattle driving, and border guarding. Now it has become a symbol of the English firefighter.

In fact, although Dalmatian is aggressive towards humans, if trained from a young age, he will be very friendly and gentle, and most Europeans breed this species for its beauty and obedience to its owner.

9. Boxer breed

Origin: Germany
Weight: 50-64 lbs
Length: 20-25 inches

This breed is full-bodied, medium-sized, with short hair, very strong, and one bite can kill any big prey!

Boxer is classified as one of the very dangerous dog breeds because it is very stubborn and very strong making it more difficult to accept training. If left to grow without any form of training it can turn into an aggressive dog to a great extent.

8. Pres a Carrion dog

Origin: the Canary Islands and Africa
Weight: 100-125 lbs
Length: 25-26 inches

It is also called “canary dog ” and was first discovered in the Canary Islands of Spain. It is characterized by large size and large muscles.
In the past, the man trained her for hunting and war. English traders came to the Canary Islands to carry on their experiments with dogs, so they tried to raise them to fight each other until they were raised as soldiers and fighters.

Nowadays people use it for guarding and leading cattle.

7. Chow Chow dogs

Origin: China – Weight: 40-65 lbs- Length: 18-22 inches

This strain may seem small and beautiful, but the shape is not everything. This breed is the most difficult to breed and its breeders need great patience because it is too aggressive. It is characterized by a furrow density, which is more concentrated around the neck and is also very lazy.

This breed has spread a lot in the United States because it resembles the Samoyed family, which is beautiful and priced at $ 3,000!

This dog is characterized by thick, soft fur, like giant bears, but it is a very cute dog that requires special treatment full of affection and love because if treated brutally turns into a very dangerous dog

It weighs from 40 to 65 pounds and is 18 to 22 inches long and although some of us may see it as a small and cute dog !!, But the shape is not everything, this breed is breeding is the hardest !! Her breeders need great patience because they are too aggressive

6. Doberman breeds

Origin: Germany – Weight: 65-90 lbs – Length: 26-28 inches

Those of us who do not know this breed, which they saw a lot in detective films, this group is characterized by intelligence and sincerity, but their loyalty will only be to the owner only they hate strangers and do not like to compete with other dogs.

Doberman has become one of the most important guards and war dogs because he is brave and not afraid of anything, and the average age of Doberman is 10-12 years.

The Dogman has strong muscles in addition to his beautiful shape. The best way to control this dog is to fasten a suitable belt around its neck without strength, it should be nice with this type of dog because it loves it quickly by gently handling it and loving it. The dog weighs about 90 pounds and is classified as guard dogs

5. Alaskan Malamutes

Origin: North America
Weight: 80-110 lbs
Length: 23-28 inches

The acacia is characterized by moodiness. If he is disappointed and bored, he becomes aggressive and very destructive, so he needs great attention and lots of play.

It also has a very large size and endurance so it uses the ASCII to die in the cold areas of the carts, and the average life of the ASCII is 12 to 14 years old.

Alaskan dogs are known for being very smart and loyal to their owners, possess a strong structure and very high activity, but they can become very aggressive at any time. The Alaska dog weighs about 100 pounds and bears the freezing cold weather, where these dogs inhabit the Arctic ice and have a thick furry escape to protect them from the cold.

4. Husky dogs

Origin: SiberiaWeight: 35-55 lbs
Height: 20-24 inches

These dogs are used in the past to transport goods on a sleigh. They live in cold and polar regions, and are more intelligent, energetic and love to live with other members of the same breed.

The sky is more like a wolf than a dog, and the hyssop is like wolves and seldom barks!

He lives on the principle of “nothing in life free of charge” is stubborn and dominant, and recorded 15 deaths in the United States in 2000 because of his bite!
These dogs enjoy the activity, walking with their owner anywhere in obedience to him, weighs about 66 pounds, and is very loyal to any family living with them, and is more like a hush in the wolf print than a dog, Hal ski hates the wolves and rarely bark!

3. The German Shepherd (German Shepherd)

Origin: Germany
Weight: 70-85 lbs
Length: 22-26 inches

The German Shepherd, also known as the German Shepherd, was named after his native Germany, a medium-sized dog known for his upright position.

it is used as a police dog and in wars, to track down criminals, to detect prohibited items such as drugs and to warn soldiers of enemies

they are characterized by its intelligence, speed, strength and easy training in obedience to man, and is one of the most popular animals in the world.

It has a strong jaw and two round eyes, and the average age of the German from 7 to 10 years. But in the nature of the case can never tolerate strangers.
This type of dog is characterized by affection and loyalty to its owner because the picture is shown in the movies and television programs, the most famous dog “Rina Tin Tin.” This 100-pound police dog weighs up, a powerful and intelligent dog and a police guide to unaware of the facts.

2. Rottweilers breeds

Origin: Germany
Weight: 85-110 lbs
Length: 23-27 inches

Rot is considered to be one of the worst dogs. It has strong jaws, full teeth, a largemouth, and a large body. Because of these advantages, it has participated in the two world wars. It was used to transport first aid, guard, search and rescue.

These dogs carry the aggressive instinct of their youth, yet they are child-loving, very obedient and eager to work. But what makes the routine more distinct is that they can swim skillfully.

His only weakness during the fighting is his tail, and his owners often cut off his tail and he is small

This type is considered the strongest and most dangerous types of dogs in the world, having an excellent muscle strength and structure.

It functions as a major of dogs, which is the guard and protects the owner, as well as fit for education inside the houses. This dog is difficult to control completely because it is huge and must be trained and controlled by a well since the young because of the dog Rottweiler sharp and can become aggressive even with the owner to harass him.

1. Pit Bulls dogs

Origin: United States
Weight: 30-55 lbs
Length: 18-22 inches

This is the fiercest dog that is also the dog that all other dogs are afraid of and is dominant over everyone, is a hybrid dog of several dog species, characterized by a great force, and greater ferocity. As if he was born to fight only!

The pit-bull has the advantage of other dogs that he does not leave his opponent alive, and he closes his mouth on the prey until she loses her life, and he has many priorities in killing even the humans did not get rid of him.

Airlines imposed restrictions on air travel to Brit-pop, and insurance companies raised insurance prices because of their repeated aggressiveness.

this dog is the most dangerous type of dog in the world according to the Universal CDC Dog Care Association. The Beat-balls are full of muscle and weight and weigh 29 kilograms, making it dangerous to attack. It is considered a hybrid dog for many types of dogs, which are characterized by great strength and greater ferocity. As if he was born to fight only.

Now, do you think you will get one of those dogs?

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