tricks for weight loss|how to Lose Weight Fast?

 tricks for weight loss|how to Lose Weight Fast?

how to Lose Weight Fast?

If you read this article you are one of those who tried many methods to achieve the dream of fitness and weight loss was the result that your weight does not come down, but increases or you who made the decision to lose weight and change his eating habits began to look for the best ways to lose weight. Whatever you are, you will read in this article ideas you will not find anywhere else tricks for weight loss and no one will tell you about weight loss. Of course, I will not tell you about diet pills and I will not put a list of herbs to burn fat because I do not believe in all this
I offer you these tricks for weight loss and I am sure that they will help you to lose weight and burn fat as long as you are determined to do so

tricks for weight loss: How to Lose Weight Quickly?

You must be smart in your choices of food and use all the tricks possible to help you to lose weight naturally and automatically without a specific system, here are some of these magic tricks to lose weight without diet, these are tricks for weight loss you should try it

1- Wear tight clothes while eating

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Wearing wide clothing at home causes an appetite to open up and leads to excessive eating and snacks between basic meals, as opposed to wearing tight clothes because  if you want to lose weight  you should wear clothes Narrow at home to encourage you

2- Take a picture before and after

tricks for weight loss the photo, there is no way to measure your achievement and progress towards the weight and shape required like images. When you see your image “before” diet and your image after diet, you will get a strong morale boost. Send the photo to your friends and be prepared for their fun and provocative comments

3- Post your experiment

There is a style I like from some dieters who work on getting rid of excess fat. They create a web page or a Twitter account to tell people about their experiences and what they do every day. When you share your diary with others you will find someone who cares about your subject and who has a similar experience so you share experiences and experiences. Instead of making some silly mistakes, your followers who have a successful experience will shorten your path. These tricks for weight loss will help you resist boredom because there are hundreds of followers of your page and are very excited about what you will publish every day.

4- Candles with vanilla scent

Vanilla oil, flannel sticks, powder, or even perfumes that come with this smell, you can use any or all of them, but what is the relationship between vanilla and weight loss without diet or exercise?

It is true that the relationship is strong between flannel, cake, and sweets that contain a large amount of calories, but in fact, the strong scent of vanilla stimulates the areas responsible for satiety, leaving you wanting to eat.
In addition to the strong smell in general, the brain thought that anything that will eat it will contain a taste of this smell, it automatically eliminates your desire to eat.

5- You must smell fruits and vegetables

Yes, this is a crazy idea but very effective to lose weight and there is a study confirms that the higher the rate of sniffing the smell of food the less the feeling of hunger and this trick is based on deception of mind and brain because the smell of food makes you feel that you actually eat it is recommended to smell apple, banana and mint because their influence much stronger, this tricks for weight loss is crazy but it effective way

6- Join a group that motivates you through the Internet

When you share with others, you will feel confident, enthusiastic, competitive, and boring. There are many people who suffer from excess weight and feel what you feel, share some of them, each one has experiences that others do not have, benefit from each other, share the stories of success and failure. The beneficiary is you.

7- add chili pepper to your food

Studies have shown that adding hot spices, especially peppers, to foods increases the rate of metabolism or metabolism, and slows the growth of fat cells.

8- Blue color reduces appetite

tricks for weight loss is blue color, Do you know that the blue color reduces your appetite so you find restaurants do not prefer blue color and do not use it for today, make your dining room blue and avoid the colors of red, yellow and orange because it opens the appetite and also you can use blue dishes in your food

9- reduce TV viewing

Watching television accelerates the burning of calories, which makes you feel hungry faster, so most of those who increase their weight spend many hours in front of the television and feel hungry and enjoy the sweets and sweets and cake

10- Watch yourself and record everything

One of the tricks for weight loss is writing what you do. This can help you be aware of your behavior and follow your changes towards specific goals. The food diary includes not only what you eat, how much you eat, but when, where, and why you eat. It can help you identify and change bad habits, such as eating when you are not already hungry. As part of self-monitoring, weigh yourself regularly (once a week on Least) and record the number in the notebook.

11- Warm water every morning

One of the habits we observe for those who follow strict diets is to eat a large glass of warm water each morning. Indeed, this trick helps a lot in the process of weight loss without diet. When hot water permeates the body, it stimulates the secretion of sweat, which helps burn fat, expel harmful toxins from the body and purify the bloodstream. In addition, scientific studies have shown that warm water helps to reduce the rates of negative thinking in the brain, making you enjoy a calmer and less stressful life. Do not hesitate to take a cup of warm water at the beginning of each day is a big trick for weight loss. You will be amazed at its magical results in reducing the tummy tucks and buttocks.

12- Eat slowly and think

Many people do not eat breakfast because they are too hasty or not hungry. Try to wake up 15 minutes before your appointment (which means going to bed early) to allow time for breakfast. Eat slowly by placing your spoon or sipping water, coffee or tea while you are eating. Ways to help lose weight. Do not eat fast food. Eat well. Eat and you are stressed. Each meal should take at least 20 minutes. Think about the colors and types of health that you have prepared.

13- Do not eat late

Be careful not to eat after 7:00 or 8:00 pm, and do not pretend to have snacks. You can only drink water or hot drinks like herbal tea (ginger, cinnamon, mint, but no sugar.

Also, if you’re not hungry in the morning, maybe you’re having dinner too late, or maybe you’re having snacks. If this is true, set a goal not to eat or drink anything (other than water) after 7 or 8 pm.

14-Eat slowly enough time

You should have a quiet sleep and enough hours, not less than 7-8 hours a day, at night, and you will feel with the exercise of this routine enough activity after waking up, to accomplish the tasks required of you after the organization of time, and to reflect the laziness and length of stay in  ( Bed) so as not to suffer from jaundice and lack of desire to get up from sleep.

15- No to the elevators of the day

Increase movement and activity by simple tricks for weight loss

– Leave the car away and take active steps to the workplace, study or bring the kids to school or shopping.
– Use stairs instead of elevators

16- Do not drink soft drinks

Do not be fooled by soft drinks is sugar. One study found that those who drank two or more soda cans per day increased more than 50 percent in the waistline during a period of 9.5 years of average who had completely abstained from a sweet drink.

tricks for weight loss: Weight loss tricks no one tells you

Important tips and quick tricks to lose weight

1- Eat magic pills for weight loss

There is no such thing as magic pills. Be aware that you fall victim to commercial products that give you false promises. You may read a “fat-burning fat fast” ad and read articles on the Internet. “Weight loss pills or pills for buttocks. Most of these products are harmful to health and never useful. And there are a few suitable for special cases, and even this type must be accompanied by a special diet, and you will find with him a sheet of alerts side damage more harmful than your excess weight

2- Ignore McDonald’s temptations

Fast food is one of the biggest causes of obesity in the world. And I said McDonald’s because it is the first fast-food restaurant around the world. She took her advice from me: If you see the McDonald’s ad “I love him” tell yourself directly “but I love myself more”

3- Remember it is a spoon or fork and not a shovel

Some people fill the dish and race time in eating, then ends and does not feel full and ask for more food. You should know that the brain does not feel that the stomach is full after twenty minutes of satiety, which means that the speed and speed of eating make you eat more food that you do not really need. There is a great and tried solution is to start eating half the dish slowly and then wait for minutes and complete the rest slowly too. You will find that you feel full before the end. This will definitely benefit your body and help you lose weight.

4- After this exercise, I have to eat a meal of burgers with cheese and fries

After exercising, the ladies think they have burned a lot of calories, and that the time has come for a burger meal, but it was discovered that the process of burning a meal The burgers need to run at 5 mph for more than 50 minutes. Instead of trying to eat, the reward can be to enjoy a warm bath or buy a new piece of clothing.

5- Do not give in to the idea that obesity is a family heritage

so why bother me with exercise.

If obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are a feature of the family, it will not cause any impediment if you decide to lose weight; and if you do not want to change your weight, Walking to the store is better than riding, and choosing the stairs is better than the elevator.
All these things may help in weight loss even with genetic factors.

6- Reduce the amount of sugars

One of the reasons behind obesity is to eat a large amount of sugar. People who do not know will not eat a teaspoon of sugar will not earn you 10 pounds, but do not know that sugar is hidden in most of our food, and they consume a lot of it. The fear is not only to eat large amounts daily but that there are several ways to increase sugar from our weight and our lack of knowledge is one of these causes of obesity.
Think about it: one teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to 4.2 g, or 16 calories. Studies have shown that the amount of sugar consumed per year is 27 kg or 74 g / day.

7- Cinnamon powder works to burn fat effectively and speed

up the process of representing the body of food and you can add a spoon to the hot drinks or to the foods that you prepare as you can work this recipe and eat before breakfast
Spoon honey – half teaspoon cinnamon – a glass of water
Mix the ingredients together, then set them on fire until you boil and then divide the two pieces into two cups and eat Cuba before breakfast and Cuba before going to sleep.

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