Why Dogs Eat Poop and How to Help Stop It

 Why Dogs Eat Poop and How to Help Stop It


We love our dogs because they give us a lot of fun, fun, love, and loyalty. But there are moments when they can make us nervous about their behavior when you eat their poop or other dog poop and wonder why they do it?

Dog behavior stems from their needs, as is the case in humans. Often, dogs perform compulsive behaviors that can certainly upset you, especially if your dog eats feces.

Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop It

Why does the puppy eat its waste? There are many behavioral reasons that make a puppy or dog eat feces.

There are many reasons for eating dogs for poop, whether they are related to a dog’s health problems or behavioral problems caused by wrong training or wrong handling with the dog.

Medical reasons to eat dogs for poop

– lack of enzymes

The ancestors of dogs used to live in forests, they are wild animals in the first place, and they were dependent on a specific diet suitable for the environment.

For example, dogs ate smaller animals or even dead animals, but they ate the entire animal’s body, including the stomach and its contents
This way of eating food would provide the dogs with enzymes necessary for their normal and healthy life.

But domestic dogs that used to eat dog food, for example, or even homemade food, would certainly suffer from a lack of nutrition, especially enzymes needed to live healthily.

There are some digestive enzymes needed by dogs that are manufactured and added to dry food, but they are not as good as natural enzymes and are not absorbed by the dog’s stomach well.

The dog then ejects the waste and is full of important nutrients that the stomach has not digested well.

So the dog will eat the poop again until it gets the rest of the enzymes needed for digestion as it is infested with nutrients that are not digested well.


Internal parasites such as worms in dogs, for example, cause dogs to eat their waste.

Because the worms eat food on the stomach of the dog and therefore will not benefit the dog from any food enters the stomach.

– Diseases that cause increased appetite

Some diseases, such as diabetes or thyroid disease, increase the appetite of the dog significantly.

So your dog may eat poop because he feels hunger and constant appetite.

– Problems of malnutrition

There are many problems of malnutrition, which are the causes of eating dogs to breed and cause the problem to worsen.

For example, poor production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is responsible for digestion significantly may cause it.

Poor absorption in the stomach also causes dogs and puppies to eat poop.

Finally, problems of malnutrition and erratic meals cause your dog to eat junk.

Behavioral reasons to eat feces in dogs

After we have explained the organic causes that may cause your dog to eat waste, we will explain the behavioral reasons that may lead to these wrong habits.

the pregnant dog to eat the poop

You may notice that the pregnant bitch may eat her litter and this is one of the reasons for doing so.

When the bitch gives birth, she cleans herself and eats all the residues and excretions that come out of her  Dogs do this by cleaning small dogs and not infecting them

– Cleanliness

This happens with the mother-in-law as soon as birth to keep the place clean for her puppies. Read more about Care for Pregnant Dog

boredom or draw attention

Dogs that leave alone often tend to behave erroneously or sometimes in destructive ways.

If you are a dog owner who has to leave your dog alone during long working hours, you should read these tips
Dogs may be bored, and when that happens they will try to attract your attention in any way.
Of course, if your dog ate the waste will rise up and try to prevent him from it .. And here lies the trick.

Concern and tension

Dogs sometimes eat feces because of stress or stress. Read about how to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder in dogs

Wrong punishment

Would you punish your dog if he urinated or defecated on the ground when he was dragged?

This is one of the reasons why he is eating poop since he believes that waste is a bad thing that he must hide and eat before he punishes him again.

Removal of predatory animals

In particular, in the presence of a sick dog, other dogs eat the sick dog’s feces to remove the odor and other animals do not prey

Why my dog eat poop and what to do about it

There are health risks of eating dogs for poop

Most of the time, eating poop is just a habit but there are health risks. Is the possibility of eating internal parasites.

also poop if left for a long time attract larvae of flies, bacteria, and fungi that may have health effects. Some diseases can also be transmitted through poop

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

How to prevent your dog from eating poop

1- Keep your dog clean when he needs it

2 – walk your dog every day and spend time with him dedicated to him

3 – Monitor the presence of parasites or worms in your dog’s feces, in which case you should go to the veterinarian immediately for treatment

4 -Talk with your veterinarian about the vitamins or supplements your dog may need, and make sure to see your doctor for general detection of your dog at least once a year.

5 – Train your dog on the following orders: leave and come

The first and best solution is to prevent dogs from eating feces, by constantly cleaning dog droppings, and to monitor the dog well while roaming abroad and prevent him from getting used to the sense of other waste or picking things up from the ground.

– Training dogs in the bathroom outside the house, or away from where they sit.

The problem sometimes starts with getting used to sniffing the feces of other animals and trying to pick it up sometimes,

– The addition of digestive enzymes as a treatment helps to reduce the problem sometimes.

– Changing food for another type of digestible, and also change the type of another contains a different source of protein, which works to solve the problem sometimes.


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